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Thanks for all the nice comments today!

I was starting to write this post when I noticed something rather remarkable.  As you know, we went out of town this weekend, which means standard weekend activities like laundry, grocery shopping, and sitting on the couch had to be postponed.  Thus, I am currently wearing what I like to call my Olympics shorts:

Except now it’s totally fine – even, dare I say, trendy – because the Olympics are, in case you live under a rock, going on RIGHT NOW and everyone is very excited.  As am I.  Some of those male swimmers are pretty hot.

So today I proudly wore my trendy blue Olympics shorts while walking Jack around my neighborhood.  A couple people looked at me funny, but I’m sure they were just marveling at how patriotic I am.



Anyway.  Aside from not having to do laundry and other annoying errands, another benefit of going to visit my parents is the food.  Check out these vegetables:

And you already saw the peaches, which I had as part of my afternoon snack:

Along with some of this unbelievable tomato:

Seriously.  Unbelievable.


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Sorry for the lack of posting, I was rushed in the afternoon.   Let’s try to back track.

So yesterday afternoon, I had this bowl of cucumbers and tomatoes:

And a bunch of grapes, which I didn’t photograph.  Then for dinner, Chris and I went to Chipotle and I got a burrito bowl:

Then we went to happy hour for a drink, and I had a beer at the concert:

Bad pictures, I know.  I didn’t have time to get batteries for the camera until this morning.

I also succumbed to grilled cheese and Sun Chips when we got home.  I am about 50 – 50 on this.  Sometimes I can resist, sometimes I can’t.  Last night, I definitely could not.  But you know, I did a lot of dancing and some pretty vigorous arm waving at the concert.  Exercise makes me hungry.

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You know what sucks? When the enter button on your laptop breaks. That’s what happened to me this morning. I couldn’t do anything on my computer because my enter button was stuck in the down position. For two hours. Not that it’s important or anything. You only need it to do just about everything. Luckily, after the 45th time I pounded it with my fist, it popped back up. And also, I got some aggression out. So we’re good.

In the midst of this, I had a grande skim misto from Starbucks, but I didn’t get to photograph it. If you’re just dying to know what it looked like, refer to this, this or this.

Then, for lunch, I decided to revisit an old friend:

Yep, the fake fat is back. I love the BLT sandwich.

I also had some tomatoes, cucumbers and scallions plain:

I was too full to eat all of it, but I’ll revisit it later.

And, on the way home from the train I stopped in the health food store. Next thing I know, I’m walking down the street eating figs:

I had five. Somewhere along the line, I decided that that was the serving size. You do have to have limits in life, after all.

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When I have to go in to work, I am usually done right around noon, so I inevitably spend the entire train ride home thinking about what I’m going to eat for lunch. This means that by the time I walk in my apartment door, I’ve been thinking about food for a good 45 minutes, and as a result I’m starving, even if I had a bag of peanut M&Ms at 10am. Which, for the record, I didn’t. But things like this have been known to happen in the past. Before the blog, when I could rest assured that they would stay my little secret.

Anyway, today I remembered that I had a box of those Gardenburger riblets in the freezer, my new favorite thing. Then I remembered how much I used to like barbeque chicken pizza. And then I remembered the pizza I made out of that rectangular wrap on Sunday for lunch. Can you see where I’m going with this?

It was amazing. Seriously. I want to eat another one right now. I had some tomatoes and cucumbers with it, too, for some vegetables, and also some grapes that I didn’t photograph. Those grapes always seem to avoid the camera for some reason.

Oh, and this morning, a grande skim misto:

Tonight I’m going to this event with a friend of mine, so I’m meeting her for dinner first and I probably won’t get to post everything until tomorrow morning.

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