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I just introduced myself to our new neighbors. This is a big deal, mostly because I am not friendly. However, they have access to the backyard, so when I walked outside and saw them moving in, I knew I had to turn on the charm if I want to be invited to a barbecue this summer. Which, by the way, I do. I love hot dogs.

So I was all like, “Oh, can I carry your bike for you?” and “Let me help you with that” and “My boyfriend will be happy to tell you how to set up the Internet.” (Chris – we’ll talk about this later.)

Also, I was wearing blue sweat pants and a hot pink tank top that says “BACHELORETTE” in silver bedazzles, so I’m pretty sure I made a good impression, anyway.

I would have offered them some of my lunch, too, but I thought that might be over the top. You like how I transitioned there, to the hummus, feta and vegetable sandwich I had for lunch?

A bunch of the insides fell out, so I had to eat them on the side with some balsamic vinegar:

And then later, I started eating these guys:

So then I just made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as a snack:

Can you call a sandwich a snack? I don’t know, but I did. I learned something about myself today. Whenever I don’t have egg whites for breakfast (usually I have toad in a hole, or whatever you want to call it, and two Morningstar sausages) I am starving all day. So now I have to eat this same breakfast every day for the rest of my life. I’m a little upset.


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I knew it would happen eventually. I’ve been suspicious of computers and the Internet and all of that business ever since my parents got dial up when I was in junior high, thus tying up the phone line and discouraging the boys who I KNOW were trying desperately to reach me. MOM.

So, anyway, remember my computer drama from yesterday? Well, today it happened again. Except it stayed stuck for a little longer, and I was supposed to be writing something that needed to be about 1,000 words, and let me tell you how long it takes to write 1,000 words – which is a lot of letters, you know – when your important button is stuck down. It takes a LONG TIME.

And also, would someone who knows things please tell me what this important button is called? Because I’m going to need to know for my 6:20 appointment tonight at the Genius Bar. Which, by the way, is a whole different issue, because, I don’t know if anyone realizes this, but those people? They’re not geniuses. I know how to reboot a computer, which is pretty much the only thing they ever do, and I am certainly not a genius (although that pizza was really something).

Did I mention that after my important button popped back up, a CD got stuck in my disk drive and won’t come out? Or that my computer spontaneously shuts off when it’s not plugged in, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a laptop?

Or – and this is the part you might actually care about – my Chris’s camera broke?

That’s right. For some reason, it is displaying the “built in memory full” and “no image or sound” messages at the exact same time. So I can’t take pictures, because the memory is full, but I can’t upload pictures, because there aren’t any on the camera.

My head is spinning. Do you think the Geniuses can fix a Pentax?

I lost one picture, of some figs I had this morning, but luckily – correct me if I’m wrong – I think you’ve seen them before. And then I got lunch with my blackberry:

This is a hummus, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and mushroom sandwich and some potatoes left over from last night. Chris accused me of making extra so I could eat them today, and I told him he was absolutely wrong. He wins.

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That’s what’s going on outside today.  Warm and sunny would be too much, of course.  But at least it’s not raining.  Yet.  Jack has his fingers (paws?) crossed, because he knows that I’m not a fan of wet walks.

Anyway, I am nearly out of coffee since I haven’t been drinking it that much, but I scraped together a few grounds to make a cup this morning because I really wanted one:


That’s skim milk in there, per usual.

I also photographed my lunch today.  I made that fake chicken salad with apples, celery, onions and curry powder again, and used plain yogurt as the binder today.  Just as good, and much healthier than mayonnaise, even though we use the canola mayonnaise that’s not bad for you.  Here’s my sandwich, with some cucumbers and hummus:


The photo is a little awkward, but this is the kind of sandwich that you can’t put down once you pick it up.  Way too messy.

Okay, back to work!  Tomorrow marks my return to jury duty (blah!), so I have a lot of work to do before.

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