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The damage is done

First thing’s first:  I forgot that I also had some more kale with my leftovers for lunch.  I didn’t even burn it today:

Okay, then for a snack, I started with carrots and hummus:

But after a couple of bites, I decided to stop lying to myself and I had a cookie:

These are totally snackable.  I don’t feel like I had a cookie for my snack.  I feel like I had flax, and oats, and raisins, and whole wheat flour, and also sugar, and oil, and maple syrup, and okay, fine, I’m hungry again and I probably shouldn’t have had a cookie, but it’s too late, okay?


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Old friend

Oh, how I missed this pizza:

It was just as good as I remembered it.

I also had some kale chips, which I kind of burnt because someone had the nerve to call me like I was supposed to be working or something and I forgot about them.  They still tasted okay:

And then all day I’ve been snacking on this bowl of mango and strawberries:

Around four I had made an iced coffee and drank it with a chocolate chip Z Bar:

Stupid David Blaine is on Oprah and – surprise! – he’s doing that thing where he tries to hold his breath under water.  I mean, since when is that magic?  I bet if you asked him to pull a bird out of a hat he’d be totally stumped.

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Oh man. I made these cookies tonight, and there is no turning back. Thank god I had the foresight to cut the recipe down. I essentially made a fourth of it, and ended up with three small cookies and three teeny tiny cookies. I also only used half maple syrup and half honey, because I’m cheap and maple syrup, unfortunately, is not.

THEY ARE SO GOOD. And also relatively healthy, I mean the only ingredients are the maple syrup/honey, oats, cocoa powder and peanut butter. We’ve got whole grains, antioxidants, protein, and healthy fats! Who the hell knew that these things could combine and create such magic? Not me, or I’d have been mixing these babies up every day. And that, actually, is the problem here – now that I know that I can do this, and even, really, create single servings, all hope is lost. I may never live another day without eating one of these cookies.

Here they are:

That one on the left? Chris took a bite out of it before I could get there with the camera. We ate all six, by the way. I ate the three very small ones and he had the three slightly larger ones. I also licked the bowl pretty vigorously, so I think we’re about even.

Before cookies, we had dinner, of course. We’re not totally out of control. We had polenta, which I bought in a roll from Trader Joe’s. I’m actually a little scared of making polenta on my own because the one time I did, it was a total disaster. I grilled it with some shrimp that were marinated in some olive oil, garlic and lime juice:

No grill marks, I know. That’s because the smoke detector was going off and Chris was fanning it and things were starting to get out of control so I just ended it. They were hot, just not as crispy as I would’ve liked. I am now forbidden, by the way, to use the grill pan, so if you’re looking for grill marks, you’ll have to visit a different blog.

With it, I tried out the kale chips that everyone has been talking about:

I really liked them – I just used salt and a little olive oil spray. Chris hated them, so I ended up eating way too many. Like all of them. Way more than this. It was a lot of kale.

Also, earlier I had some grapes:

And a Clif Z-bar:

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