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Overcoming obstacles

For dinner we had pasta and zucchini again (I apparently am a bad planner) with sun dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese and mushrooms this time:

This meal was a minor accomplishment because I essentially cooked it in the dark.  Our kitchen is fairly dim as it is, but the light bulb over the stove burnt out, which made things a little rocky.

Luckily, I am nothing if not resourceful:

Clearly, Chris thinks cooking by flashlight is funny.  I thought his time would have been better spent buying light bulbs.

Earlier I had a couple of carrot sticks:

And I also had an ice cream sandwich and a glass of wine after dinner.  It’s almost a holiday, after all.


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Salsa or peanut butter?

My snack this afternoon was carrots, which I dipped in some salsa:

This is just the first serving, I had more.  Okay, I had most of the bag.  They are carrots, though, not chips.  Let’s keep this in perspective.

Then Chris came home and started eating, which naturally made me hungry again, and so I had a bite of his Clif bar:

Jack was all over this.  Just look at the longing in his eyes.  It took me ten tries to get a decent shot.

And then, more carrots and salsa, and a few of the crackers Chris had out:

Okay, so here’s the question.  Chris says that dipping carrots in salsa is gross.  He, however, dips carrots in peanut butter, which I think is gross.  Also, we don’t all have the luxury of a super-fast boy metabolism, do we?

So let’s hear it.  Which is better with carrots, salsa or peanut butter?  Be honest and pick salsa.

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The damage is done

First thing’s first:  I forgot that I also had some more kale with my leftovers for lunch.  I didn’t even burn it today:

Okay, then for a snack, I started with carrots and hummus:

But after a couple of bites, I decided to stop lying to myself and I had a cookie:

These are totally snackable.  I don’t feel like I had a cookie for my snack.  I feel like I had flax, and oats, and raisins, and whole wheat flour, and also sugar, and oil, and maple syrup, and okay, fine, I’m hungry again and I probably shouldn’t have had a cookie, but it’s too late, okay?

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A different direction

During Monday’s mad rush around Trader Joe’s, I accidentally bought the shrimp that you have to peel yourself.  I am not a big fan of touching raw meat, mostly because it’s disgusting, so I was pretty unhappy about this.  Luckily, it only took me about 30 seconds to peel these suckers, and I only threw up in my mouth once.  Just kidding.

Anyway, I was going to be all fancy and grill them on little wooden skewers, but after Monday night’s escapade, Chris wouldn’t allow me to use the grill pan.  Emotionally, he just isn’t ready.  So I made this marinade and just cooked them in a regular pan, then let the marinade reduce into a sauce.  It is really good, but if you don’t have a hyperactive smoke detector and an easily frazzled boyfriend, I’d suggest the grilling method.

We also had Mexican rice, which is basically brown rice, salsa, and corn:

I also had some carrots and salsa while the rice was cooking:


Sorry – I usually go to great lengths to avoid getting all of the money we have lying around in the shot, but sometimes there’s just too much.

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I ate the fake fat again for lunch today.


I’ll spare you the picture of the actual bacon this time, since so many of you were grossed out by it.  But I’ve gotta say, it’s really good.  I encourage you to try it.  Don’t be the kind of person who judges bacon by its cover.

And yes, that is the tip of Jack’s little nose at the bottom there.  Again.  That thing is everywhere.

I  also had yogurt/raisins/flax with my lunch:


And then I just ate an apple and peanut butter for a snack:


So far we’re only at 57°, which I don’t really consider margarita-worthy, but it’s definitely beer territory.  Not Coronas.  But definitely Coors Light.  Or possibly even vodka tonics, which are all-weather in my book.

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I am totally losing it today.  I didn’t mention it, but that coffee I posted earlier?  That was the second cup I made.  I poured water in the first one instead of milk, so I had to throw it out.

This was after I set off the smoke detector like five times while trying to cook my Morningstar links.   They were burnt to a crisp, it’s true, but I swear it wasn’t smoky in the apartment.  Jack didn’t think so either.  That thing is sensitive as hell.

Then, I forgot I scheduled a pick up with Fed Ex (my life is very interesting, I know) and so the poor guy came and I didn’t have my envelope ready.  So he had to wait while I searched through our closet, which is stuffed to the max with two air conditioners, dog stuff, boxes of books, like three hockey sticks, a touch lamp (don’t ask) and finally, way in the back, my mailing supplies.   It took me like ten minutes to get it all together.  He was really nice about it, but I felt like an ass.

Anyway, after the Fed Ex guy left, I had some carrots, hummus, and crackers:



And also a fig. Or four.  Oops.

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Late night

Sorry I was absent last night, I didn’t get home until 11:30 and I needed to go to bed!

Yesterday afternoon I had some carrots and hummus:


And then I was still hungry so I dug into the new container of figs I got from Trader Joe’s.  These are so much better than the ones from the bulk bin.  I may need to stop buying them though because I have no self control.


And then last night I had to order delivery because I started watching the kid at six and as it turns out, you’re not supposed to leave them unattended to go get your dinner.  I ordered falafel from this place called chickpea, and it came with rice, pita, hummus, and a gross salad:


It looks like a TV dinner, which makes sense because that’s what it tasted like.  Except for the hummus, which was on point!

As for today, I just spent the last twenty minutes fighting with the worst cable company in America and finally finagled us a month of free Showtime for all of my trouble.  I have no idea what’s on Showtime, but I guess we’ll find out!

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