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Taco Tuesdays

Sorry for the late post, I was really busy this afternoon and then had to rush out the door to get $2 tacos.


Anyway, this afternoon I ate some cucumber slices:

And then I had a Z bar while I was waiting for the train:

Then I met my friend in SoHo and we went to Rewind on the Lower East Side. They had plates of chips and salsa set out on the tables when we got there, so we scored a spot:

That’s my ticket for two veggie tacos.  I ate them.  I did not photograph them.  I forgot.  I’m sorry.  They were good.

I also had two margaritas, because the proceeds from the night when to a cancer research foundation and I am a-okay with drinking margaritas for a cause.


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Salsa or peanut butter?

My snack this afternoon was carrots, which I dipped in some salsa:

This is just the first serving, I had more.  Okay, I had most of the bag.  They are carrots, though, not chips.  Let’s keep this in perspective.

Then Chris came home and started eating, which naturally made me hungry again, and so I had a bite of his Clif bar:

Jack was all over this.  Just look at the longing in his eyes.  It took me ten tries to get a decent shot.

And then, more carrots and salsa, and a few of the crackers Chris had out:

Okay, so here’s the question.  Chris says that dipping carrots in salsa is gross.  He, however, dips carrots in peanut butter, which I think is gross.  Also, we don’t all have the luxury of a super-fast boy metabolism, do we?

So let’s hear it.  Which is better with carrots, salsa or peanut butter?  Be honest and pick salsa.

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Took the plunge

I’m sure you’ll be very happy to hear that I finally bought Chris a new camera.

Actually, let’s be honest.  I bought myself a new camera.  I just keep telling Chris it’s for him because I did, after all, break his.  Also, it makes me feel better about spending the money.  And you know, if he’s nice to me, I’m totally open to letting him use it.

In fact, I was even going to let him pick the camera out, but he said he didn’t care what I bought as long as it “wasn’t pink or anything.”  I ordered a Nikon CoolPix.  It’s navy blue.  I think it’s going to be very cool, mostly because they say so and also because they spell “pics” in that wacky way.  And, I asked my photographer friend what camera to buy and she said either that one or the Canon Elph.  I’ll let you guess which one was cheaper.

So, in 3 – 9 business days, I will have my camera. Judging from my past history with electronics, I fully expect to have this thing up and running in 3 – 9 months.  That means that within a year, you’ll be viewing beautiful food photography on this blog.  In the meantime, we shall continue with the sharp blackberry images.  Which, of course, brings us to lunch.

My stomach has been a little mad at me lately, possibly because I ate nearly every single meal out for a week straight.  Not sure, but if I had to point fingers, that’s where I’d start.  So today I decided to keep things a little light with some plain yogurt, cantaloupe, berries, flax and walnuts for lunch:

Also some honey and, um, a few chocolate chips.  So yeah, like I said, a little light.

And then for a snack later I had an internal battle with a Z Bar, and lost:

The battle was mostly because I think it’s a little ridiculous to eat bars when you’re at home and you can have real food, but these things are so good.  I bought them yesterday and I’ve been dying to eat one ever since.  So I did.  But it didn’t really fill me up, so I also had some chips and salsa:

I didn’t eat the whole container of salsa.  I just like to eat things out of the jar whenever possible because I hate to do dishes.  I understand that no one likes to do dishes but I really, really hate it.  Just ask Chris.

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A different direction

During Monday’s mad rush around Trader Joe’s, I accidentally bought the shrimp that you have to peel yourself.  I am not a big fan of touching raw meat, mostly because it’s disgusting, so I was pretty unhappy about this.  Luckily, it only took me about 30 seconds to peel these suckers, and I only threw up in my mouth once.  Just kidding.

Anyway, I was going to be all fancy and grill them on little wooden skewers, but after Monday night’s escapade, Chris wouldn’t allow me to use the grill pan.  Emotionally, he just isn’t ready.  So I made this marinade and just cooked them in a regular pan, then let the marinade reduce into a sauce.  It is really good, but if you don’t have a hyperactive smoke detector and an easily frazzled boyfriend, I’d suggest the grilling method.

We also had Mexican rice, which is basically brown rice, salsa, and corn:

I also had some carrots and salsa while the rice was cooking:


Sorry – I usually go to great lengths to avoid getting all of the money we have lying around in the shot, but sometimes there’s just too much.

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