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I knew that my spinning class was going to be extra hard today because it was this woman’s birthday and last week the instructor said she was going to make a “special” class for her.  In an effort to not wind up spread eagle on the floor next to my bike after being instructed to give my resistance four hundred turns to the right, I ate a couple of figs before I left the house:

I know that’s just one.  I was running out the door.  I probably had four or so.  They did not stop me from cursing the birthday girl’s existence for the full 45 minutes.


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New pup in my life

This afternoon I took advantage of the goat cheese we have in the fridge and made myself some cheese, fig jam, and crackers for a snack:

This is my new favorite thing ever.

In other news, today marks the second time that someone has asked me if Jack is a dingo.  I don’t understand this.  People don’t have dingos.  They are wild animals, for God’s sake.  It’s like asking someone if their very fat cat is actually a tiger.

And yes, okay, maybe someone, somewhere does have a little pet dingo.  I know that people have been found with alligators and all kinds of other craziness in Manhattan, so it happens.  And I know that there is some kind of American dingo that is an actual pet.

But that’s not what they mean.  They think that Chris and I went to Australia and illegally imported a dingo because we were just completely unsatisfied with the forty gazillion kinds of dogs you can get legally right here.  And then, we brought it to Brooklyn and tamed it.

Trust me, it was hard enough getting to the shelter on Long Island and back without a car.  Also, Jack is plenty wild, thanks.  I have no need for an actual wild animal in my life.

But to be honest, I didn’t even know much about dingos, so I did a little googling before I wrote this post and found this:

And now I’m thinking I might need one of these things.  How cute is he?  He’s already replaced Jack as my new desktop picture.


A NOTE:  One of two things is happening with this blog.  Either I am cracking up (possible) or WordPress is stupid.  This is why I say I ate one thing, but you are seeing something else.  For some reason, the pictures are getting switched after I hit publish.  I asked support yesterday and they said it is a “caching problem.”  I don’t know what this means.  If anyone understands where I might find my “cache” and why it is broken, I would appreciate some insight.  Thanks!

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I don’t understand tofu.  I try and I try and I try, but I just can’t get it right.

Tonight, I tried the freezer method, which I thought was finally going to be the answer to all of my tofu questions.  You drain it, freeze it, defrost it, then squeeze the water out again.

It was a bust.  As soon as I started squeezing the water out, my block turned into a bunch of tofu crumbs.

I just don’t get it.  Is tofu really that fragile?  Has anyone ever had the baked tofu from Whole Foods?  Because it is really good.  Is the person at Whole Foods who cooks the tofu a magician?  WHAT IS THE SECRET?

I would appreciate some enlightenment in the comments.

Anyway, Whole Foods’ baked tofu would have laughed in the face of my tofu crumb salad tonight, but to be honest, it didn’t taste all that bad:

Ingredients:  Romaine lettuce, carrots, bean sprouts, cucumbers, chick peas, tofu crumbs, mushrooms and Trader Joe’s sesame ginger dressing.

It was the hugest salad ever, I’m pretty sure.  I still ate it all, but I’m not so sure I should have.  I’m rather full right now, even after taking Jack on an extra long and annoyingly rambunctious walk.

This afternoon, I had yet another round of figs:

This time with plain yogurt and honey.

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Plantains are not filling

So last night before the movie we went to Coffee Shop, which, in my opinion, falls into the category of Restaurants That Are Popular For No Reason.

They hardly have any vegetarian options in the first place, but last night they were out of veggie burgers. Which means I ate about a fourth of a basket of plantains for dinner. Sorry, no photo, but trust me, you’re not missing out. It wasn’t very exciting.

I also had a few of my friend’s fries, which may be the only thing they have going for them. Really good fries. However, I strongly suspect that they are cooked in some kind of animal fat because to me, they taste a little too much like hamburgers. I choose to turn a blind eye to this fact because I cannot prove it and therefore it isn’t true.

This clearly was not a substantial dinner and definitely accounts for the fig attack I had this morning between the gym and walking the dog:

A life or death situation, obviously.

As for the movie, I liked it. I was never really that into the show, but I think I’ve seen most of the episodes kind of randomly over the years. The movie was basically what I expected, except I was kind of annoyed by the ending.

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I can’t believe tomorrow is Monday.  Blah.

So I woke up with a massive hangover from last night…too many vodka sodas, birthday shots…yikes.  This always leads to fourth meal, but Chris said that during the cab ride home, I announced that I was going “straight to bed.”  Normally I just say I’m not going to have anything, then I start eating chips, and next thing I know I’m powering down a grilled cheese.

Perhaps the grilled cheese would have helped with the hangover.  I guess I’ll never know.

Anyway, we were pretty worthless today.  We did get our laundry done, which sounds rather productive until I tell you that we take it to a wash and fold.  We took Jack on lots of walks.  And we watched 27 Dresses, which was exactly the kind of mindless entertainment I was looking for.

In between all of these activities, I had a veggie burger for lunch:

And a few of these strawberries:

And a blurry Z Bar:

And I made shrimp pasta for dinner with asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, broccolini:

We had some left over whole grain baguette so I used it to make garlic bread.

For dessert I had a few figs:

This is because I already had ice cream at some point earlier.  Sorry, no picture.  It was a cookies and cream bar.

Oh, and last night we didn’t leave our apartment until about ten, so while I got dressed I ate the last of the grapes:

I think that about sums it up.  Now I’m going to enjoy my couch for a few more minutes and then go to bed.  Good night!

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Long day

Last night the gallery crawl turned into a “let’s find the ones with the best open bar” crawl, and we ended the night at a diner.  I had a bowl of chocolate ice cream and a couple of my friend’s fries.  I thought that was pretty good, considering the state I was in.  Sorry, no pictures.  Again, let’s consider the state I was in.

Today I ran a bunch of errands, normal Saturday stuff.  I made Chris these potatoes for lunch because he was dealing with a crisis:

The crisis, of course, was that his Sun Chip stash had run dry.  Anyway, I stole a couple to have before I made myself a smoothie.  They were really good.

Then later we watched There Will Be Blood because we are having a rather heavy rain storm.  I ate some yogurt with fig jam and pretzels:

And a fig.  You know, for garnish.  I had a couple more pretzels after this too, and a small bite of Chris’s Z Bar.  And two strawberries.  Yikes.  Snacky McSnackerson.

Which brings us to dinner.  I made this recipe, but added some soy sauce, mung bean sprouts, shitake mushrooms, tofu and scallions:

I highly recommend it.

Now I have to harness my energy to go out again and celebrate a birthday.  I already fell asleep during the movie, so I think I’m in trouble.

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Couple of snacks:

Yes, more grapes.

The fig jam with some whole wheat pretzels.  Multiply this by two.  I never should have started, but I was hungry and I’m not sure when I’m going to eat dinner.  I’m going to a gallery crawl on the LES tonight.  I much prefer bar crawls, but…

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