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I am not really much of a baker.  Baking involves things like measuring and following recipes because it is a matter of chemistry and science, what with the flour and the baking powder and the baking soda.  Or at least, that’s what I’ve heard.

But for part of a holiday present I wanted to make some kind of cookies involving caramel, and the lovely Betsy forwarded me this recipe.  We consulted back and forth a bit, mostly about the fact that the instructions for the caramel involved wearing a long sleeve shirt and protective eyewear.

Scary, right?  I thought so too.

However, I bet you didn’t know this about me, but I am quite brave.  I really live on the edge.  For instance, sometimes I cross the street on a solid hand.  So I decided to give the caramel a go.   But first, I had to make the cookies:


Then I put on my long sleeves in preparation for the caramel:


No eye wear, though.  Like I said, brave.

The recipe calls for light corn syrup, but my local grocery store didn’t have that, so I bought this instead:


And then I put it all in the pan and started stirring:


Nothing happened for a while, and I was getting pretty annoyed because I’m an impatient person and I wanted to see some action in that pan.  But then things started bubbling:


And then everything happened all at once and I was running around grabbing cream and stirring and looking at my laptop and freaking out and then I poured the warm cream in and the whole thing bubbled like crazy and I would’ve taken a picture but I was scared out of my mind because I didn’t have protective eye wear on.

Finally, after all that, there were these:


Pretty good, right?  I think they’re okay.  The cookies aren’t the best peanut butter cookies I’ve ever had (probably because I again didn’t follow the recipe and used natural peanut butter) but the caramel is AWESOME, if I do say so myself.  However, I had a ton leftover and I didn’t know what to do with it so I ate like half poured it onto a sheet pan in hopes of making brittle:


Yeah.  Apparently that’s not how you make brittle, because it didn’t harden.  Maybe I’ll work on that one next.


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Thanks for all the lactose-related tips from the other day.  I know that I will probably be able to eat Sun Chips and butter and yogurt, but for some reason my doctor said not to until I go back in two weeks.  I’m serious.  I specifically asked about the Sun Chips.

In the comments of my last post, Heather mentioned that I should take a picture of my very small stove.  I don’t find it very interesting – mostly I find it annoying – and almost everyone I know in New York has one the same size, but I can imagine that it would be fun for someone who has a real stove to laugh at my easy bake oven.  It’s kind of like Roadside America

Roadside America definitely makes me laugh.  I am laughing right now.  I had no idea it had a website.  

Anyway.  I am getting sidetracked.  Here is my stove:


It’s hard to tell out of context, but you can’t realistically use more than two pans at the same time.  I mean, you could use four small sauce pans, I guess, if you angled the handles just right.  I don’t really count that as a perk, though, since I can’t envision a time when I’ll need to make four sauces at once. 

I tried to take a picture of my dark and scary broiler, but it was too dark and scary to show up. 

Along with my mini stove, we also have a mini fridge that looks like this:


Yes, that is Bo Jackson.

Here’s the inside:


Quite expansive, I know.

Really, though, I don’t mind my small kitchen and its small appliances.  It could be smaller for sure.  And I can turn on the stove from the couch.  Major perk.  If only I could reach the fridge, we’d really be in business.

Anyway, on to food.  Today I tried some soy yogurt:


Um.  Someone please tell me there’s a better kind.  Right?  There’s a better kind?  

I also made THE cookies from Betsy’s blog:


These are for Chris because he is turning 30 on Monday.  Yikes!  I’m glad I’m not that old.

I hope he thought that was funny.

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Puppies and cookies

Seriously, what’s better?

I was a slacker with the photography this weekend, but Saturday night was a long one and I decided that we needed cookies yesterday:

I used this recipe but subbed chocolate chips for the raisins, and left out the walnuts and flax because we didn’t have any.  I also halved it so it only made about five cookies.  Needless to say, they are all gone.

And now, for the Big Puppy News:  After two long, agonizing months, we finally got an email that Jack’s photo was selected for the calendar – and I didn’t even have to bribe anyone.  Here is how he will be represented:

I’d say it’s appropriate.

I’m pretty sure that almost every dog was picked, but don’t tell Jack.  He’s already acting like a diva, demanding things like sparkling water instead of tap and extra walks to keep his figure nice and trim.

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This could be trouble

Sorry for the late post, I didn’t eat any snacks this afternoon.

Unless you consider about a pound of cookie dough a snack.

I don’t.

Chocolate chip cookies.  I made them for my friend’s bbq tomorrow.  And then I ate three.  And then I stood over the tupperware container, staring at them.  Chris finally pulled me away when I started quietly whispering “not for me, not for me.”

At least they are from a vegan recipe, so no butter or eggs.  And I used whole wheat flour.  And Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips, which I know are not vegan, but they are just so good.  And so big.  Like Hershey Kisses.  Only better.

I have to stop talking about the cookies now.

After this, while I was making dinner, Chris had some cheese and crackers and I stole a chunk of white cheddar:

And then we just had tofu and rice for dinner:

I made very small portions by mistake.  We were both still hungry afterward, which is surprising, considering the amount of cookie eating that went on beforehand.  I haven’t had a snack yet, but I am drinking wine.

That was foreshadowing.

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Well. This is embarrassing.

So last night we went out to dinner, then came home and had the following exchange:

Chris: Are you going to bake a cake?

Me: Huh? Why would I do that?

Chris: Because I want some cake.

Me: I do, too. I wish we had ice cream or chocolate or cookies or maybe brownies. Brownies would be good.

Chris: Oh! I know! You could make those cookies with the chocolate and peanut butter.


That’s right. Silence. No need to speak. I was already pulling the peanut butter and cocoa powder out of the cabinet.

And then there was this:

Which was eaten as shown.

I also had a Z Bar before we left for dinner:

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I made the best oatmeal raisin cookies tonight.  And I don’t mind saying so.

But really, here’s the thing.  I love to bake.  Just ask my mom, I used to make cookies and brownies all the time when I was growing up.  You know, back when my metabolism was fast as lightening and I could eat five brownies in one sitting.  With chocolate chips in them and also probably icing on top.

Chris doesn’t believe me when I tell him about the good old days, because I hardly ever bake now for fear of eating the final product.  The last thing I need is a batch of cookies hanging around this apartment, let’s be real. I have enough problems keeping my spoon out of the peanut butter jar.

But tonight I got the itch to bake because my friend just took an apartment down the street from us and I was going to meet her there to check it out.  And so I thought I’d bring her cookies because she is very thin and if she’s living this close, we need to be sharing clothes, which means I need to fatten her up a little.  So I went by the store while walking Jack and bought some raisins.  I selected the ones in miniature boxes because I knew there would be leftovers and – as we’ve all seen – I need portion control around dried fruit.

Then I came home and turned Dreena’s vegan chocolate chip cookies into an oatmeal cookie recipe by using:

* 1/4 cup all-purpose flour

* 1/4 cup whole wheat flour

* 1/2 cup oats

* 1 tsp baking powder

* 1/2 tsp baking soda

* 1/4 cup brown sugar

* 1/4 tsp salt

* 1/3 cup maple syrup

* 1 1/2 tsp vanilla

* 1/4 cup canola oil

* 3 oz (two mini boxes) raisins

* A small handful of chopped walnuts

* 2 – 3 T ground flax

Combine the dry, combine the wet, mix together and add the raisins and walnuts.  Bake for eleven minutes at 350.  I mean eleven minutes, too.  Not ten.  Not twelve.  ELEVEN.  Otherwise they’ll dry out, says Deena, who, by the way, is a genius, so I believe her.

I made eight huge cookies.  I didn’t realize they would be that big or else I would’ve made them smaller.  Not that I didn’t manage to eat one and half, plus some batter:

I really think these could be a healthy snack, what with all the fiber and raisins and walnuts and flax.  They are downright good for you.

Oh – and dinner, which was a total after thought, was stir fry with quinoa, tempeh, vegetables, and this sauce:

I couldn’t eat all this, so I put some back.  I am going to try desperately to have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  I hate leftovers.

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Just want to add last night and this morning quickly – it is so nice here that I have to get back outside immediately.  I think it’s going to be 73º!  I think I’m going to go meet a friend and do some shopping because I’m all about spending money that I do not have.

Last night for dinner I made stir fry with tempeh, broccoli, snow peas, peppers, carrots, mushrooms and udon noodles:

I have actually only used tempeh one other time, and I don’t remember liking it that much, but this time I loved it.  I think I may never use tofu again.  Also, I finally made a peanut/soy sauce that I really like so I’m going to post the recipe in that section.

And then, I did it again.  I made the cookies.  I knew this was going to be a problem.  I made the same amount again, and had 2 1/2.  Here’s one up close:

They are so good, I really can’t believe it.  Make them now.  Well, maybe it would be more appropriate to wait until after 10 a.m.

This morning for breakfast I had yogurt, raisin bran, banana and flax:

I managed to not go back for more cereal, which is quite remarkable, really.

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