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I am too hot to think

I totally forgot to take a picture of my snack this afternoon.  I blame some sort of heat-induced memory lapse.  To save energy and money, I keep the air conditioner thermostat set to 80º during the day.  This means that it comes on approximately every half hour, or just often enough to keep Jack and I from drowning in our own sweat.  Then at about 5:30, I turn it down to 74º so Chris doesn’t start crying when he walks in the door.

And there you have it.  A day in the life of my air conditioner.

Oh!  But there’s more.  When I realized I forgot to take a picture, I created a reenactment for you of my snack, deconstructed.  I have seen them do this on Iron Chef, only with salads.  Same thing, right?

So we have peaches:

Yeah, I know.  There are some apples in there.  And a lime.  Focus on the peaches, okay?  I had two.


Maybe a cup?

And honey:

Probably a teaspoon.  The peach wasn’t quite ripe.

Okay.  That’s a lie.  It was.  I just like honey.


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I don’t understand tofu.  I try and I try and I try, but I just can’t get it right.

Tonight, I tried the freezer method, which I thought was finally going to be the answer to all of my tofu questions.  You drain it, freeze it, defrost it, then squeeze the water out again.

It was a bust.  As soon as I started squeezing the water out, my block turned into a bunch of tofu crumbs.

I just don’t get it.  Is tofu really that fragile?  Has anyone ever had the baked tofu from Whole Foods?  Because it is really good.  Is the person at Whole Foods who cooks the tofu a magician?  WHAT IS THE SECRET?

I would appreciate some enlightenment in the comments.

Anyway, Whole Foods’ baked tofu would have laughed in the face of my tofu crumb salad tonight, but to be honest, it didn’t taste all that bad:

Ingredients:  Romaine lettuce, carrots, bean sprouts, cucumbers, chick peas, tofu crumbs, mushrooms and Trader Joe’s sesame ginger dressing.

It was the hugest salad ever, I’m pretty sure.  I still ate it all, but I’m not so sure I should have.  I’m rather full right now, even after taking Jack on an extra long and annoyingly rambunctious walk.

This afternoon, I had yet another round of figs:

This time with plain yogurt and honey.

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Meteorology is hard

I am confused. This morning, when I woke up, it was cold. Then, when I left the gym, it was cold and raining. When I left work at noon, it was sunny and somewhat nice. I got home an hour later, and it was cold and, yet again, raining.

When I started typing this three seconds ago, it was sunny. Now it looks overcast again. Clearly, mother nature has a lot on her mind.

Oh! Sunny again now!

When I walk Jack this afternoon, I’m going to have to bring an umbrella and wear shorts and a ski jacket.

As far as eating goes, I am still on the strawberry kick, with plain yogurt and honey:

Doesn’t it look good? It was.

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Figs strike again

Well, just got back from Trader Joe’s and what do you know, somehow another container of figs found their way into my shopping cart.  Of course I’ve already eaten like maybe ten.  Some of them with this lowfat plain yogurt and honey:


We were running around all morning – went to Soho because I wanted to buy some clothes, but of course when you have money and want to buy things, you don’t see anything you like.  It’s when you are totally dead broke that you find the best shirt you’ve ever seen in your life.

Then we went to Petco to buy the Gentle Leader (!!!) but they didn’t have it in Jack’s size, so we walked to another pet store and finally found it THANK GOD.  I cannot wait to try it.  My hopes are sky high that this will be a life changing experience for me.  Jack, however, is a bit suspicious.  He’s thinking that this funny thing we keep trying to stick on his face doesn’t have a prayer.  He has already tried to eat it twice.

We went to Dean & Deluca for lunch and I had a vegetable wrap that had artichokes, red peppers, goat cheese, olives, cucumbers, zucchini and a bunch of other stuff that tasted good.  And then Chris got a Cliff bar at Trader Joe’s while we were waiting in the longest line in history and I had a few bites of that too – sorry, no picture.  Broke the rules.

Okay, hopefully I’ll be back later, shouting from the rooftops about a walk that didn’t involve me screaming “Side!” every thirty seconds….cross your fingers!  And also, go WVU!

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Surprise, surprise


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Figs are awesome

They are particularly awesome with plain yogurt and honey:


You don’t need the honey, but I added it because I was trying to be fancy. Doesn’t it look fancy?

This is six figs, maybe a 1/2 cup yogurt, and a liberal drizzle of honey. I am always liberal with sugar-like substances.

I really, really, really want seconds, but I am going to control myself for this blog. However, if I can figure out some way to work this into dinner tonight, I will do it.

Until then, I may have to duct tape my mouth.

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