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Switching it up

After a particularly ridiculous incident yesterday, I decided that I should probably stop dousing my cottage cheese in raisins and honey and pretending that it’s healthy. I mean, raisins and honey are healthy, but you know.  It was getting to be a little much on a daily basis.

I’ve seen some people eat it on things like crackers and bread, so I thought I’d give that a try:

Pretty good.  I used to like cream cheese on crackers and this was a similar, if chunkier, taste.  These are the Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Entertainers Crackers.  They are very good and absolutely enormous, but I can’t buy them again because every time I look at the box I start thinking about how stupid it is that they are called Entertainers Crackers.  It should be Entertainer Crackers.  Or, better still, Entertaining Crackers.  Am I right?  Have I put too much thought into this?  Do you see why I can’t buy them again?


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As promised…

There were more, but I forgot to take a picture at the start because I was on the phone while I was eating them.  People love hearing the crunch of a cucumber on the other end of the line.  Seriously.

I have also eaten approximately five tablespoons of peanut butter today.  A couple on an English muffin for breakfast, a couple in a smoothie for lunch, and at least one like so:

Gotta get the protein in.  I did a lot of squats this morning and my muscles are just screaming for Smuckers Creamy Natural.

Also, before I forget, last night Chris brought out the cheese and crackers:

Excuse the huge mess that is our life.  I had three cheese/cracker combos.

Have a good weekend!

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I haven’t had time to run to the store, so I had to have another smoothie for lunch.  I like smoothies, so it’s okay.  But I think I should probably have a dinner that involves vegetables and perhaps not peanut butter and banana.  Maybe even solid food, we’ll see.  I’ll do my best.

As for this afternoon, I found some Kashi Mediterranean crackers that I bought approximately seven years ago.  They were in the back of the cabinet for a reason, but there was also some scallion cream cheese leftover from bagels this weekend.  I creatively put the two together and produced a pretty tasty little snack – I almost didn’t notice that the crackers were stale:

I love scallion cream cheese.  In college I used to dip Wheat Thins in cream cheese all the time.  And then I’d have like 42 cookies and possibly a forty or two.  Those were the days.

Anyway.  This post is a little late because my cable and Internet went out and I had to spend 25 minutes on the phone with a very smart man from Time Warner Cable who told me that the only person in Brooklyn who has a Time Warner account is named Paul.  I am serious about this.  I almost lost my mind.  I eventually was forced to tell him that there was something very wrong with him and that I was in danger of screaming if he didn’t transfer me to someone else.   He then put me on hold and – shock! – managed to turn up an account with Chris’s name on it after all.

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New pup in my life

This afternoon I took advantage of the goat cheese we have in the fridge and made myself some cheese, fig jam, and crackers for a snack:

This is my new favorite thing ever.

In other news, today marks the second time that someone has asked me if Jack is a dingo.  I don’t understand this.  People don’t have dingos.  They are wild animals, for God’s sake.  It’s like asking someone if their very fat cat is actually a tiger.

And yes, okay, maybe someone, somewhere does have a little pet dingo.  I know that people have been found with alligators and all kinds of other craziness in Manhattan, so it happens.  And I know that there is some kind of American dingo that is an actual pet.

But that’s not what they mean.  They think that Chris and I went to Australia and illegally imported a dingo because we were just completely unsatisfied with the forty gazillion kinds of dogs you can get legally right here.  And then, we brought it to Brooklyn and tamed it.

Trust me, it was hard enough getting to the shelter on Long Island and back without a car.  Also, Jack is plenty wild, thanks.  I have no need for an actual wild animal in my life.

But to be honest, I didn’t even know much about dingos, so I did a little googling before I wrote this post and found this:

And now I’m thinking I might need one of these things.  How cute is he?  He’s already replaced Jack as my new desktop picture.


A NOTE:  One of two things is happening with this blog.  Either I am cracking up (possible) or WordPress is stupid.  This is why I say I ate one thing, but you are seeing something else.  For some reason, the pictures are getting switched after I hit publish.  I asked support yesterday and they said it is a “caching problem.”  I don’t know what this means.  If anyone understands where I might find my “cache” and why it is broken, I would appreciate some insight.  Thanks!

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Salsa or peanut butter?

My snack this afternoon was carrots, which I dipped in some salsa:

This is just the first serving, I had more.  Okay, I had most of the bag.  They are carrots, though, not chips.  Let’s keep this in perspective.

Then Chris came home and started eating, which naturally made me hungry again, and so I had a bite of his Clif bar:

Jack was all over this.  Just look at the longing in his eyes.  It took me ten tries to get a decent shot.

And then, more carrots and salsa, and a few of the crackers Chris had out:

Okay, so here’s the question.  Chris says that dipping carrots in salsa is gross.  He, however, dips carrots in peanut butter, which I think is gross.  Also, we don’t all have the luxury of a super-fast boy metabolism, do we?

So let’s hear it.  Which is better with carrots, salsa or peanut butter?  Be honest and pick salsa.

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I offered Chris the last Skinny Cow bar after dinner tonight because I ate the rest am selfless.  Then, I rummaged around in the back of the freezer, eyes closed, a prayer on my lips, and unearthed this:


Which I then ate.  I don’t even want to know what they put in these to make them all gummy and gross, but that’s what they are. I am sure the fact that this bar has been in our freezer for months and was covered in a nice layer of burn was a contributor to its lovely taste and texture as well.

Anyway, rewinding to dinner, we had eggplant and FLAX parmesan, spinach, and a little focaccia that I picked up at the store earlier.  I went in for a banana.  I don’t know how this happens to me, but I’m glad it did, because garlic bread makes me happy.


There is cheese under that sauce, don’t you worry.  I make a lazy version – the recipe is here.  Don’t forget to add flax to the bread crumbs!

Earlier, before dinner, I had some hummus and crackers:


And that’s that.  I’m going away for the weekend starting tomorrow, back on Sunday night.

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I am totally losing it today.  I didn’t mention it, but that coffee I posted earlier?  That was the second cup I made.  I poured water in the first one instead of milk, so I had to throw it out.

This was after I set off the smoke detector like five times while trying to cook my Morningstar links.   They were burnt to a crisp, it’s true, but I swear it wasn’t smoky in the apartment.  Jack didn’t think so either.  That thing is sensitive as hell.

Then, I forgot I scheduled a pick up with Fed Ex (my life is very interesting, I know) and so the poor guy came and I didn’t have my envelope ready.  So he had to wait while I searched through our closet, which is stuffed to the max with two air conditioners, dog stuff, boxes of books, like three hockey sticks, a touch lamp (don’t ask) and finally, way in the back, my mailing supplies.   It took me like ten minutes to get it all together.  He was really nice about it, but I felt like an ass.

Anyway, after the Fed Ex guy left, I had some carrots, hummus, and crackers:



And also a fig. Or four.  Oops.

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