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Planning ahead


A lot.  A ton, actually.  Most of this.  In fact, I will most certainly finish it by the end of the day so we’ll just say all of it.  I read in this random cooking magazine that showed up in my mailbox that you’re supposed to keep pineapples upside down while they ripen.  Some business about the juices distributing to the top I think.  I did it with this guy and it made a HUGE difference.

No.  It did not.  But I did have to pick it back up every time I walked by for three days because surprisingly enough, those little green leaves are not a stable platform.


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I can’t stop eating

I am starving today.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I didn’t really have dinner last night, I think that’s the problem.  I split a couple pieces of cheese and a salad with Chris at the wine bar, and then went to meet another friend for dinner, but I wasn’t very hungry at that point so I just ordered another salad, which I ended up not eating because it tasted like a garlic clove.  I like garlic, but I don’t want to bite into a bulb, thanks. By the time I got home, I just wanted to go to bed.

So, anyway, this is slightly embarrassing.  Here we go.

A Kashi bar I grabbed on the way to the gym this morning:


Not all of it, but I ate it out of the container.

A mini muffin:

And a few pretzels:

At least I didn’t eat a cookie.  Yet.

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So much pineapple

I bought the mother of all pineapples on my way home from the gym this morning.  It was enough to fill two containers.  And that’s minus the obscene amount that went into my mouth during the cutting process.

So for lunch I had a BLT with avocado again, pineapple and also a few blackberries:

It is raining again here.  What’s up with rain on Fridays?  Because it should be illegal.  Saturdays and Sundays too.  I’m okay with Monday – Thursday, I guess.  Give and take, you know.

Anyway.  Clearly I have nothing to say today so I’m going to get back to work now.

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