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Give me the penne

I think I’m over spaghetti squash.  I was never really that into it, but I felt like I should be into it, so I kept trying and forcing Chris to try even though I could tell he didn’t understand why he was eating squash that is shaped like spaghetti and not just real spaghetti.

I don’t really understand either.  I know it’s good for you, but I just don’t really like it that much.  I’d rather have the pasta.  I’m sorry.

Anyway, I’m talking about this because last night I tried to make the Spaghetti Squash Mexicana from Veganomicon:


I didn’t have a few of the ingredients, including pretty much everything required to make the Tropical Avocado Salsa Fresca.  So I just left it out.  I also left out the red wine, because we didn’t have any.  Wine goes pretty fast around here.

Anyway, it was okay.  Not Veganomicon’s fault, because I obviously skimped on the recipe.  But I think it would have been better without the spaghetti squash.  Then it would have been, essentially, chili again.  But I like chili, so I’m okay with that.

I also had some tea yesterday, notable because I’m not really a tea drinker and also because there is a pup in the background of the picture:


After I took this, he proceeded to remove the tea bag from the cup when I wasn’t looking.  He is one sneaky little guy.  And talented, too, because he didn’t even spill the tea.


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Small problem

Actually, I wouldn’t characterize this as small, at all.  It’s big.  I think I’m turning into George Bush.

I’m serious.

This morning, I’m walking Jack, right?  And he’s pulling me around, trying to go in different directions, constantly lured by the odd chicken bone on the sidewalk or a random piece of trash.  So I’m getting a little annoyed, as usual.  But then all of a sudden, I look at him and yell, “No Jack!  I am the DECIDER!”

I have no idea where this came from.  It scared me.  So now I’m being extra nice to him, patting his little head and giving him extra treats.  I don’t want him thinking I’m some kind of Republican.

There really is no appropriate segue for these two topics, and I’m not a newscaster, anyway, so on to food.

Last night, I went with the grapes:

And then tea this morning:

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I don’t want to hear anything about The Hills last night. I did not see it because the stupid college basketball championship was on, and Chris had to watch because if Kansas won, he was going to win second place in his bracket.

He won $27, which, call me crazy, I don’t think really merits missing The Hills. I was in the same bracket, and came in fifth. However, I lost my little sheet of paper before the games even started, so I never even knew what was going on. Not that the paper would have been much help.

So now I’m planning to catch the drama during one of the five million times that MTV replays it, so no spoiling, please.

Anyway.  I still don’t have coffee, and it is still a tragedy, except now it’s just mostly my fault because I haven’t gone to the grocery store to get any, obviously. I don’t want to go without bringing Jack, because for some reason I feel that if I’m walking, I should be walking him. Otherwise it’s a total waste. And I don’t want to tie him up outside because I can’t see him, and he gets sad and lonely out there all alone. Also, he is pretty cute and someone might steal him. Although I’m relatively certain that they’d bring him right back once he started licking their coffee table.

Point being, I had to have tea again this morning:

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Today has gone by so fast, sorry.  I am way behind so I have to do this quickly, but I will be better tonight and  tomorrow I promise.  I forgot to buy coffee at the grocery store, which is really sad, so today I had to have tea:

I am just not a tea person.  This is called something like vanilla nut creme, which sounds really good, but tea always tastes watery to me for some reason.  I even added milk.  I guess it needs sugar (the box says to add milk and sugar) but my body does not so I’ll have to just get used to it.  Or buy some coffee.  Which is much more likely.

Then I had a meeting at 2pm and on the way home I ran in the store to get some cooking spray because my breakfast turns into a disaster without it and I ended up buying a box of Clif Z bars, the brownie kind.  So I had one when I got home as a snack:

Pretty good.  Not “I want to eat the whole box right now” good, though.  Also, I don’t know if it’s a mental thing because they are made for kids and thus I convinced myself that it would not fill me up or what but I was still hungry after so I had some grapes:

This picture is kind of creepy.

Okay, I have to go try and do some work.  There is some kind of strange bird (possibly a crow?) outside of my window going CAAWWW! on cue every like 2.4 seconds.  It is annoying, but not to worry – Jack is on the case.  He’s had his face pressed up against the window for the last twenty minutes.

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After waiting around all day, my case finally got settled and we were dismissed, which means I won’t get called again for about eight years. Thank god.

Ironically enough, when I got home there was a summons in the mail for Chris. Ha.

I had a random day of eating. Started with a cup of tea, which I actually didn’t end up drinking:


Then I found a Hale & Hearty near the courthouse, which was exciting. I love their soup. I had a salad and some lentil chili:


And then a Kashi bar for a snack this afternoon:


This kind is pretty good, but not quite at the level of the chocolate pretzel.

Oh, and this morning I was hungry before the gym so I grabbed some pretzels on my way out the door:


This morning at the gym I officially verified that I am the worst music person ever. I am just not good at it – I can never remember who sings what, I always sing the wrong words, I can’t recognize songs. I have an iPod, but it hasn’t been updated in years. My play list is ridiculous and includes a Lou Bega song. Once, my friend asked me if I liked the Postal Service, and I was like, you know, they get the job done. As long as I’m getting my mail, I’m fine with it. I had no idea that she was talking about a band (are they a band? A group? Is there a difference?).

Anyway, today I worked out for the entire time (like, 45 minutes) with my ear buds in, iPod clipped on my pants, and no music playing. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t turned it on until I was leaving the gym.

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This is the sweet and spicy.  I hope it doesn’t make me sick!  After I took the picture, I added a little milk.

Also, yesterday the camera did a little stop drop and roll action and the lens cover or whatever you would call that thing popped off and broke.  Basically the lens is now exposed.  Does anyone have a recommendation for a good camera for someone who clearly knows nothing about photography?  If it were up to me, I’d probably subject you all to blackberry and iphone photos for months because I procrastinate like that, but since the camera was actually Chris’s, I probably should buy another one soon 🙂

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