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One of the best Seinfeld episodes ever.  On right now.  Why are you still reading this?

Anyway, lots of snacks today.  I was hungry.

Pear this morning:

I am usually skeptical of Trader Joe’s pears, but these are actually good.


Not frozen.  Let me ask you a question – red or green?  Chris says red.  I think I prefer green.  Are red really sweeter, or is he just making things up again?

Z bar:

Fairly self-explanatory, I’d say.

And then for dinner, I made this random eggplant/pasta/mozzarella concoction:

I’d post the recipe, but that’s about it.  Cut up an eggplant into chunks, saute in a little olive oil, mix with some pasta sauce, 4 ounces or so of cooked penne, and about three ounces of fresh mozzarella.  Bake for 15 minutes.   Voila!

Here’s my plate:

And now I’m having a few chocolate chips:

I also had a random meringue and two chocolate covered raisins.  I was trying to decide what I wanted.  I like to test things out and see how I feel about them.

Good night!


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Beautiful day

The city is a complete mess right now.  It’s been pouring all day, and it’s supposed to continue through Sunday.  I’ve already witnessed a few casualties, like mangled umbrellas on the sidewalks and a leaky gym roof that caused a constant stream of water next to my treadmill and a woman on the bus who had a plastic Super Associated bag tied on her head.

Which, actually, was really smart, because I was not looking cute when I went into work this morning.  It was a ponytail day for sure.  It’s rather windy out there, too, so it looked a lot like this.

Anyway, I got home later than usual and I haven’t been doing much organized snacking.  I had some peanut butter out of the jar:

And some grapes:

I actually stuck these in the freezer to chill them a little and forgot about them for about an hour, so I accidentally had frozen grapes.  I have heard people say that frozen grapes taste like ice cream, and I’m here to tell you that those people are delusional.  But they were okay.

And…now it’s the weekend!  Almost.

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The circumstances of my night last night demanded a grilled cheese for lunch today:

With tomato.  This is my new favorite thing.  I mean, I’ve always loved grilled cheese, but my love is now reinvigorated.  I would have enjoyed this with some Sun Chips, but apparently someone – not me, surprisingly – had some drunk munchies last night and they are all gone.  So I had grapes.  Not as exciting, but okay.

And then a Z Bar, because I’m too tired to think creatively:

I am going to attempt to make something good for dinner.  Possibly mac and cheese.  Because, you know, I can always have more cheese.

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Exercise makes me eat

The spinning class I went to this morning was extra hard.  Or I was extra wimpy.  Or something.  All I know is that the ridiculous amount of sweat that was dripping into my eyes screwed my contacts up and I couldn’t see and I almost had to leave early because I thought I might die.

It is because of this, I believe, that I have been so hungry today.  When I got home from class, I grabbed this Z Bar before running out the door with Jack:

See how it’s blurry?  Of course you do.  I was in mid grab and I stopped to snap the photo.  Also, my camera just really sucks.

And then I came home and had my normal breakfast of eggs/toast/Morningstar sausages, but I somehow ended up starving at 10:15 so to avoid a second near-death experience, I ate another Z Bar.  You know.  For variety.

I didn’t take a picture of the second one.  Sorry.  It looked quite a bit like the first.

Then I doubled up on the peanut butter and protein powder I put in the smoothie I had for lunch, so I’ve been relatively content this afternoon.  In fact, I wasn’t even hungry for a snack but I thought I should eat something anyway, so I had these grapes:

Which I think actually made me more hungry.  Fruit does that to me sometimes if I eat it by itself.  Does that happen with anyone else?

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Life changing

See that?  It is the best hummus I’ve ever had.  I might have to go work for Yorgo’s.  I love them.  They also have amazing Tabbouli.  I can only imagine that everything else they make is incredible as well, but so far I have only had these two products.

The only problem is that Yorgo’s calls this vegetable hummus, but there are no vegetables in the ingredient list.  Unless you count parsley.  I kind of don’t.  But for hummus this good, I’m willing to bring my own vegetables:

Seriously, I’m not getting paid or anything, but it’s really good.  I would, however, be willing to be paid to eat it and talk about it endlessly, if Yorgo’s wanted to make me an offer.

I also had some grapes because I am scared for the hummus to be over so I don’t want to eat too much at once.

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I can’t believe tomorrow is Monday.  Blah.

So I woke up with a massive hangover from last night…too many vodka sodas, birthday shots…yikes.  This always leads to fourth meal, but Chris said that during the cab ride home, I announced that I was going “straight to bed.”  Normally I just say I’m not going to have anything, then I start eating chips, and next thing I know I’m powering down a grilled cheese.

Perhaps the grilled cheese would have helped with the hangover.  I guess I’ll never know.

Anyway, we were pretty worthless today.  We did get our laundry done, which sounds rather productive until I tell you that we take it to a wash and fold.  We took Jack on lots of walks.  And we watched 27 Dresses, which was exactly the kind of mindless entertainment I was looking for.

In between all of these activities, I had a veggie burger for lunch:

And a few of these strawberries:

And a blurry Z Bar:

And I made shrimp pasta for dinner with asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, broccolini:

We had some left over whole grain baguette so I used it to make garlic bread.

For dessert I had a few figs:

This is because I already had ice cream at some point earlier.  Sorry, no picture.  It was a cookies and cream bar.

Oh, and last night we didn’t leave our apartment until about ten, so while I got dressed I ate the last of the grapes:

I think that about sums it up.  Now I’m going to enjoy my couch for a few more minutes and then go to bed.  Good night!

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Couple of snacks:

Yes, more grapes.

The fig jam with some whole wheat pretzels.  Multiply this by two.  I never should have started, but I was hungry and I’m not sure when I’m going to eat dinner.  I’m going to a gallery crawl on the LES tonight.  I much prefer bar crawls, but…

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