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Salty oats


I put way too much salt in the oatmeal I made this morning. I think I was still asleep. I ate about 2/3 of the bowl anyway because the only other thing we have for breakfast is cereal and well, we know what happens when I eat that.


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Have you seen this show?  I am hooked.  Last night was the cake showdown.  I was pulling for the “Honey I’m Peanuts About You” birthday cake.  Ridiculously dumb name, but that girl put salted peanuts all over the outside of a peanut butter and chocolate cake.  She’s my hero.

After drooling for an hour, I had to have a Skinny Cow bar:


These totally break my Michael Pollan rules (microcrystalline cellulose?).  I’m doing my best.

I usually have an omelet for breakfast, but this morning I had oatmeal:


It has raisins, walnuts, milk, maple syrup and cinnamon.   It was a treat because it is freezing outside and also because a crazy woman screamed at me on the sidewalk this morning.  A woman with one of those hideous corset bags.  Apparently she thought Jack was going to bite her with his ferocious puppy teeth.  And perhaps next time, he will.

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I’m still sick, so I decided to post my breakfast – who knows, I may just die before I get to a snack.


Sorry, I’m a very dramatic sick person.  I’m not going to die, really.  But the bad thing about working from home is that you can’t really call in sick – what’s the point?  I might have to take a few nap breaks today, though.  I already warned Jack that he’s going to have to man the phone.

Thanks for all the nice comments yesterday!!

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