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Took the plunge

I’m sure you’ll be very happy to hear that I finally bought Chris a new camera.

Actually, let’s be honest.  I bought myself a new camera.  I just keep telling Chris it’s for him because I did, after all, break his.  Also, it makes me feel better about spending the money.  And you know, if he’s nice to me, I’m totally open to letting him use it.

In fact, I was even going to let him pick the camera out, but he said he didn’t care what I bought as long as it “wasn’t pink or anything.”  I ordered a Nikon CoolPix.  It’s navy blue.  I think it’s going to be very cool, mostly because they say so and also because they spell “pics” in that wacky way.  And, I asked my photographer friend what camera to buy and she said either that one or the Canon Elph.  I’ll let you guess which one was cheaper.

So, in 3 – 9 business days, I will have my camera. Judging from my past history with electronics, I fully expect to have this thing up and running in 3 – 9 months.  That means that within a year, you’ll be viewing beautiful food photography on this blog.  In the meantime, we shall continue with the sharp blackberry images.  Which, of course, brings us to lunch.

My stomach has been a little mad at me lately, possibly because I ate nearly every single meal out for a week straight.  Not sure, but if I had to point fingers, that’s where I’d start.  So today I decided to keep things a little light with some plain yogurt, cantaloupe, berries, flax and walnuts for lunch:

Also some honey and, um, a few chocolate chips.  So yeah, like I said, a little light.

And then for a snack later I had an internal battle with a Z Bar, and lost:

The battle was mostly because I think it’s a little ridiculous to eat bars when you’re at home and you can have real food, but these things are so good.  I bought them yesterday and I’ve been dying to eat one ever since.  So I did.  But it didn’t really fill me up, so I also had some chips and salsa:

I didn’t eat the whole container of salsa.  I just like to eat things out of the jar whenever possible because I hate to do dishes.  I understand that no one likes to do dishes but I really, really hate it.  Just ask Chris.


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Musical afternoon

It’s warm outside, and I’ve got my apartment windows open. And let me tell you, the guy in the brownstone next door has been rocking out all day. He’s doing some kind of yard work, which is fitting because his garden is absolutely amazing, all landscaped with patio furniture, a fountain, and a grill. Sometimes he has barbecues and Chris and I stand at our window and glare at him and his dumb yard in anger.  I know it would make more sense to make friends with him and snag an invitation to the party, but that’s just not our style.

Anyway, just a few of the songs that he’s enjoyed over the course of the afternoon:

My Milkshake


This Land is Your Land. I am not kidding about this. I wish I was.

I mean, I know I just said that I know nothing about music, so I shouldn’t really be making fun, but is that an eclectic mix or what? No Jumper though. Now that’s a shame.

I had my BBQ pizza for lunch again today:

With a mango and a kiwi:

This lunch filled me up for like four hours, which is unheard of, especially since I went to spinning this morning and usually that leaves me starving all day long. Maybe it’s because I didn’t exactly over-exert myself this morning, what with the hangover and all. I was happy just to make it to the gym, quite honestly.

I just had some yogurt with flax and a few chocolate chips. Maybe a teaspoon or so. I didn’t measure.

Now I’m going to get outside with Jack. He’s gazing longingly out the window.

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I got busy with work toward the end of the day, so I figured I’d just post this afternoon and tonight all at once…

For lunch I tried one of those roll-up wraps again.  I don’t get why they are better than round ones?  Can someone explain this to me?  Because I lost half of my vegetables out the end.  You can’t fold it in at the bottom like you can with a round wrap.

Anyway, I also stuffed it way too full, and I could hardly close it.  I like them other than the stupid shape, though – they’re thicker than regular wraps and they taste more substantial.  Or that could be in my head.  Either way, they’re pretty good and also quite healthy. I used hummus, lettuce, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms and feta cheese in this bad boy:

As you can see, it turned into a huge mess and I ate it mostly with a fork.

With it I had some yogurt with flax and brown sugar:

And a kiwi:

I also had a few grapes, but I guess I didn’t take a picture.  Thought I did, sorry.

And then for a snack I had the other half of my toffee Clif bar and some broccoli:

Not together.  I was still hungry after the bar so I made the broccoli.  With some parmesan cheese.  It might be my favorite thing that’s not a dessert.

And speaking of dessert, I’m now eating some chocolate chips:

Sorry this is short, but I’m tired!

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Just want to add last night and this morning quickly – it is so nice here that I have to get back outside immediately.  I think it’s going to be 73º!  I think I’m going to go meet a friend and do some shopping because I’m all about spending money that I do not have.

Last night for dinner I made stir fry with tempeh, broccoli, snow peas, peppers, carrots, mushrooms and udon noodles:

I have actually only used tempeh one other time, and I don’t remember liking it that much, but this time I loved it.  I think I may never use tofu again.  Also, I finally made a peanut/soy sauce that I really like so I’m going to post the recipe in that section.

And then, I did it again.  I made the cookies.  I knew this was going to be a problem.  I made the same amount again, and had 2 1/2.  Here’s one up close:

They are so good, I really can’t believe it.  Make them now.  Well, maybe it would be more appropriate to wait until after 10 a.m.

This morning for breakfast I had yogurt, raisin bran, banana and flax:

I managed to not go back for more cereal, which is quite remarkable, really.

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Not pie

I tried to whip up a little something special for a snack this afternoon but it didn’t turn out exactly as I’d hoped.  I was thinking that maybe, maybe, if I cut up an apple, stuck it in the  microwave with a little cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg and a sprinkling of oats it would taste like apple pie.

If only life was that easy.

It was still good, but it tasted like an apple that I stuck in the microwave with cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg and a sprinkling of oats.  Duh.

I also added some plain yogurt and flax on top:

Funny story – I chose this particular bowl because when I opened the cabinet, it fell and hit me on the head.

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The gouda is out to get me

I could not have screwed my dinner up more if I possibly tried. First, I was trying to make a quesadilla. So I grate some cheddar on a tortilla, throw a little gouda on there for kicks, sprinkle on some cumin, chili powder, etc. and toss it in a pan. Then I start cutting up half of an avocado and a couple tomatoes. At this point, I’m getting really excited for my little private fiesta. My quesadilla starts melting, and for once I do not burn it, nor do I set the smoke detector off. And then, I take it out of the pan, and yellow juice, FAT, drips everywhere.

I don’t understand. Can you not melt gouda or something? Because my cheddar was white, so clearly the gouda was the culprit here (also, I’m not totally inept – I’ve made quesadillas with cheddar like five million times). Someone help me out.

Round two: I already had the cut up avocado and tomato, if you remember, so I thought I’d just mix it with a little lime juice, some black beans, maybe some corn, and make a black bean salad-type thing. So I get out the can of black beans, open it up – and it’s soup. I opened up the wrong can. Damn.

Round three: Well, I had to eat the soup, of course. I can’t waste two meals. And it was not too bad, really, just not what I was going for. But at least it was black bean soup, and I added some corn and some salsa and ate the avocado and tomatoes, too.

Sorry, the only thing I photographed was the soup. Things were happening so fast – it was a whirlwind, really.

Earlier this afternoon, I had some plain yogurt, flax and raisins:

I will probably have some grapes later. Maybe ice cream. No, grapes. I will try my hardest to have grapes.

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First casualty

Jack has officially eaten his first shoe. Fortunately for me, it belonged to Chris.

No, I do feel kind of bad, considering I’m technically supposed to be watching him. But I do have a job, despite what my neighbors might think. They totally think I’m like a housewife or something, by the way. I know it. Every time my upstairs neighbor comes home he hears the Food Network on my TV and I know he thinks that Chris is supporting me and my lazy lifestyle, when in reality I am just a skilled multitasker.

Anyway, today that lazy lifestyle allowed me to have these Gardenburger riblets for lunch:


These look really weird, but they are SO GOOD. I could drink the sauce. I didn’t, but I wanted to. In fact, they should bottle it and sell in separately because I would put it on everything.

I also had a salad:


That may be the clearest picture I’ve ever taken. Mark it down. You don’t see good photography very often around here.

And then raisins, yogurt and flax for a snack:


Also two figs. Because I’m weak.

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