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Pure steel

Well, I decided to go for it:

I got the whey instead of the egg white, though.  I was still a little freaked out by the egg white thing, plus this one has one more gram of protein per serving and it was about thirty cents cheaper.  I’m a bargain hunter.

Anyway, I am going to be drinking a lot of protein shakes tomorrow because I’m going to Mexico on Saturday and I need these abs:

What do you think, three, four shakes will do it?  Maybe five?  I can probably squeeze in five if I have to.  I think it’s worth it if I can show up on the beach with the “Jay Robb 6-pack.” It’ll be the perfect accessory for the Old Navy bikini I got last week for $4.

I’m going to have to start tomorrow, though, because tonight I made this:

I had to use extra spinach and mushrooms because I’m a bad planner and I didn’t want them to go bad while we’re on vacation.  We have a friend staying here watching poor little orphaned Jack, but I’m sure he’ll be more interested in drinking beer and eating the brownies I plan on making for him tomorrow.


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Too good

I can’t take it.  We need to get these chocolate covered pretzel rods out of the apartment.  They have a hold over me.  It’s like I take one bite and fall into a trance or something.  Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but I’m kind of serious.  They’re mesmerizing, really.

Here’s one:


How about that napkin!  I did that for you.

And, yes, I’m sure you knew it was coming.  Here’s the second:

Sorry, too lazy for festive napkins this time around.

Before all this pretzel craziness, we had dinner – spinach/mushroom/shrimp risotto:


It was a little soupy.  Kind of like a risotto stew.  I started playing with the dog, Chris came home, Jeopardy was on, I have a short attention span, and all of a sudden the shrimp were overcooked and the risotto was undercooked.  So I just ended it and acted like it was supposed to be like that by putting it in bowls.  Chris never knows the difference.

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