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I am all mixed up today.  I keep getting confused about the time (I fed Jack lunch at 9am by mistake) and I haven’t really been hungry because of it. I had some egg whites and toast when I woke up this morning, and then wasn’t hungry again until around four, so I had some pretzels:

And three kiwis that I found on the verge of going bad:

Then I was going to go to a pilates class but I was so tired, I skipped it and took Jack on a long walk instead.  We walked to La Bagel Delight to get some bagels because my mom is coming to visit tonight and she likes NY bagels and I am a good daughter and Jack is a good grandpup.  

While we were there, I picked up an iced coffee, which I somehow managed to photograph while juggling an wiggly dog and a dozen bagels in one hand:

And then for dinner, we had no food so we ordered from a Thai place and I got two house salads.  Yes, two. I really wanted one big one but they didn’t have any.  I am what you might call resourceful

And some vegetable spring rolls which were nicely situated on iceberg lettuce:

Okay, perhaps I’ll buy Chris a new camera this weekend because these are a little much, even for me. Sorry.

Now we’re going to take Jack to the park.  Hopefully he’ll burn off some energy so when my mom gets here, she thinks Chris and I are actually talented dog trainers and he is a well-behaved puppy instead of a maniac.  



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Musical afternoon

It’s warm outside, and I’ve got my apartment windows open. And let me tell you, the guy in the brownstone next door has been rocking out all day. He’s doing some kind of yard work, which is fitting because his garden is absolutely amazing, all landscaped with patio furniture, a fountain, and a grill. Sometimes he has barbecues and Chris and I stand at our window and glare at him and his dumb yard in anger.  I know it would make more sense to make friends with him and snag an invitation to the party, but that’s just not our style.

Anyway, just a few of the songs that he’s enjoyed over the course of the afternoon:

My Milkshake


This Land is Your Land. I am not kidding about this. I wish I was.

I mean, I know I just said that I know nothing about music, so I shouldn’t really be making fun, but is that an eclectic mix or what? No Jumper though. Now that’s a shame.

I had my BBQ pizza for lunch again today:

With a mango and a kiwi:

This lunch filled me up for like four hours, which is unheard of, especially since I went to spinning this morning and usually that leaves me starving all day long. Maybe it’s because I didn’t exactly over-exert myself this morning, what with the hangover and all. I was happy just to make it to the gym, quite honestly.

I just had some yogurt with flax and a few chocolate chips. Maybe a teaspoon or so. I didn’t measure.

Now I’m going to get outside with Jack. He’s gazing longingly out the window.

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I got busy with work toward the end of the day, so I figured I’d just post this afternoon and tonight all at once…

For lunch I tried one of those roll-up wraps again.  I don’t get why they are better than round ones?  Can someone explain this to me?  Because I lost half of my vegetables out the end.  You can’t fold it in at the bottom like you can with a round wrap.

Anyway, I also stuffed it way too full, and I could hardly close it.  I like them other than the stupid shape, though – they’re thicker than regular wraps and they taste more substantial.  Or that could be in my head.  Either way, they’re pretty good and also quite healthy. I used hummus, lettuce, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms and feta cheese in this bad boy:

As you can see, it turned into a huge mess and I ate it mostly with a fork.

With it I had some yogurt with flax and brown sugar:

And a kiwi:

I also had a few grapes, but I guess I didn’t take a picture.  Thought I did, sorry.

And then for a snack I had the other half of my toffee Clif bar and some broccoli:

Not together.  I was still hungry after the bar so I made the broccoli.  With some parmesan cheese.  It might be my favorite thing that’s not a dessert.

And speaking of dessert, I’m now eating some chocolate chips:

Sorry this is short, but I’m tired!

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I had a BLT for lunch made with Morningstar fake bacon and it CREEPED ME OUT.  Have you seen this stuff?


Do they have to make fake fat, too? Cause I could do without that.  And when you cook it, it gets all curled up and juicy like real bacon.  It’s really gross.  But my sandwich was rather enjoyable:


I also had raisins and pretzels:


And this morning, a kiwi:


I had another one after this.  I would have just said I had two in the first place, but I’m not sure how to make kiwi plural.  I think it’s one of those tricky ones.

This afternoon, I had some plain yogurt, raisins, flax and a little brown sugar:


I took this picture after I started eating, so I had more than this.  Much more, actually.  Too much.  My stomach hurt after.  Also, is it just me, or does flax have a weird fishy taste?  Must me those omega-3s.

Now I have to go take Jack on a walk before he pees on me.  It’s been waaaay too long.  He looks like he’s going to throw himself out the window right now.

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