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Things happen

There is this Thai restaurant in Williamsburg called SEA (it’s actually part of a smallish chain made up of those extremely overcrowded I-feel-like-I-might-be-in-outer-space Thai restaurants) and it is dirt cheap for lunch.  They have a special menu and you can get an appetizer and an entree for like $7.  And one of the options on that menu is my favorite thing EVER, Rama the King.

I think this is kind of a standard Thai thing, although they don’t have it everywhere.  I Googled it and found a few chicken dishes.  In other words, it’s no pad Thai. Because it’s better.  It’s like a mix of peanut sauce and red coconut curry sauce, with vegetables.  I also like to treat myself to some shrimp, because you know.  I work so hard.

Anyway, the other day I purchased this product at Williams-Sonoma:


I used it in this soup, but I had a ton left over so I decided to try my hand at a little Rama action.  The mix:

3/4 can light coconut milk

1/4 cup peanut butter

3 T of this red curry base

1 tsp red curry paste

That’s it!  Seriously.  I think the red curry base is kind of a very important, extremely necessary ingredient though, so I hope you can find it. Otherwise, I believe A Taste of Thai has something that is similar.   If you want to make it on your own, ask someone who isn’t me.

I used it to marinate some tempeh and then put the rest over the baked tempeh and some sauteed vegetables:


I was going to make rice, too, but I got locked out of my apartment building and had to wait outside for  forty-five minutes and then Jack tried to jump over the gate that separates my building from the sidewalk and I had to tackle him and then he had a total meltdown because he saw some guy and thought he was Chris.  Which he wasn’t.  He just had a short haircut and a grey coat on.  Similar to Chris’s tan coat, apparently.

So, I used Trader Joe’s frozen naan instead.  I know.  Thai and Indian.  I bring cultures together.


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I am all mixed up today.  I keep getting confused about the time (I fed Jack lunch at 9am by mistake) and I haven’t really been hungry because of it. I had some egg whites and toast when I woke up this morning, and then wasn’t hungry again until around four, so I had some pretzels:

And three kiwis that I found on the verge of going bad:

Then I was going to go to a pilates class but I was so tired, I skipped it and took Jack on a long walk instead.  We walked to La Bagel Delight to get some bagels because my mom is coming to visit tonight and she likes NY bagels and I am a good daughter and Jack is a good grandpup.  

While we were there, I picked up an iced coffee, which I somehow managed to photograph while juggling an wiggly dog and a dozen bagels in one hand:

And then for dinner, we had no food so we ordered from a Thai place and I got two house salads.  Yes, two. I really wanted one big one but they didn’t have any.  I am what you might call resourceful

And some vegetable spring rolls which were nicely situated on iceberg lettuce:

Okay, perhaps I’ll buy Chris a new camera this weekend because these are a little much, even for me. Sorry.

Now we’re going to take Jack to the park.  Hopefully he’ll burn off some energy so when my mom gets here, she thinks Chris and I are actually talented dog trainers and he is a well-behaved puppy instead of a maniac.  


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