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More soup


We have a soup problem, I think.  Back on solid food next time, I promise.

Over the weekend I dragged Chris through Williams-Sonoma because I had a gift certificate and I basically spent it on all food.  The most exciting thing was Sarabeth’s strawberry raspberry preserves, which I have of course been eating on bread like a civilized person.

No.  I eat it out of the jar with a spoon.  It’s a problem.

The other exciting thing was a red curry base.  I have tried many, many times to make curry, and I always fail.  I am not good at it.  But this stuff looked pretty idiot proof, and I’ve really been wanting to try to make a coconut curry soup after I saw this recipe.

Here’s my version:

  • 2 cans of lite coconut milk (I used this brand, which was actually the best lite one I’ve ever had)
  • 2 leeks
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 3 – 4 T red curry base
  • 1 cup milk (I actually used almond milk)
  • 1/2 T red curry paste
  • 1 scallion
  • A ton of cilantro
  • 10 – 12 medium shrimp, chopped
  • 3 cups of frozen corn (or more, just add as much as you want.  I didn’t really measure)
  • Salt and pepper

Slice the leeks into thin ribbons and cook them in a little olive oil.  Add the garlic and cook for one minute, then add the coconut milk, regular milk and corn.  If your shrimp is cooked and frozen, you can add it now, too (if it’s fresh, I’d wait until it’s almost done so it doesn’t over cook).  Stir in the red curry base (not to be confused with the red curry paste – I know) and bring the soup up to a simmer.  Ladle a couple tablespoons of the broth out into a bowl and mix with the red curry paste until it’s incorporated, like so:


Then, add it back into the soup.  Add salt, pepper, scallions and cilantro and serve. This makes about 4 – 6 servings. Here’s mine:


We had it with bread:


There is a new little shop by my apartment that sells really nice vegetables and bread and cheese and fish.  I will find any excuse I can to go there because I’m obsessed with it and I’d like to work there and then possibly buy it someday and eat bread and cheese behind the register.


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Lentil soup


I’ve been buying $2 cans of lentil soup at Trader Joe’s to eat for lunch every day.  Yes, I eat the same thing every day.  Well, almost every day.  Sometimes I add a side, usually a piece of bread and some butter, but for the most part, it’s lentil soup for me.  That way I don’t have to think.  I prefer to give my brain a rest from 12 to 12:30.

Two bucks isn’t a lot for a whole lunch, but I realize that if I made my own soup, I’d have a lot more, it would be really cheap, and it might even taste better, depending on my skills.  I’ve never made lentil soup before.

I went ahead and made my first mistake in the little grocery shop by my apartment.  It’s those damn little bulk bins.  Everything happens so fast and all of a sudden I have five pounds of lentils on my hands.  At least it’s not five pounds of figs.  That happened to me once.  Although, it wasn’t an accident.

Oh!  I tried a date over the weekend!  Did I mention that?  It was good. Kind of caramely.  They look like roaches though. I’m not sure I could get used to that.

Anyway.  As I was saying, I decided to make lentil soup tonight, and I googled around for a recipe until I found this one from the Times.  It looked easy, and their recipes are always on point, plus the person who wrote the article about it said it was the best lentil soup she’d ever had.  So that was a good sign.  I basically followed it exactly, except I added an extra half a cup of lentils, since I have so many, and only used a tablespoon or so of olive oil.  I also used some canned diced tomatoes instead of the tomato paste and added celery.  And I just realized, right now, that I forgot the cilantro.

So I didn’t follow it exactly.  I tried my best.  It still turned out excellent, as far as I’m concerned.  Chris, on the other hand, took a taste and said “I don’t think I like that kind of soup.”  Which is fine, because that means there is more for me.

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Second best

Well, I found it.  It’s not quite as good as this, but it’s very creamy and if I had my eyes closed I might think it was regular ice cream:


It’s way, way, way better than any other soy ice cream I’ve ever had, but not quite good enough to make me want to have four bowls in one night.  I consider this a solid plus.

And to continue my love affair with Trader Joe’s, I would also like to share with you my new favorite soup, which I had for dinner tonight:


It is so good.  I didn’t even know I liked split pea soup.  My mother would be very proud.  I actually bought it by mistake but I am happy I did.  I don’t even have to doctor it up, and I always add a little something to canned soup.  You know, just some salt or some extra vegetables or four large handfuls of cheese.

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The Office is back!  The Office is back!  The Office is back!

All is right with the world.  And, I saw a guy throw a sandwich in a mail drop box this morning, so that was kind of cool.  It was a bacon, egg and cheese.

Which, conveniently enough, segues nicely into food.  For a “snack” today, I ate leftover frittata:

Even I am having trouble calling this one a snack.  I think it probably falls into the fourth meal category.  I was hungry.

For lunch, I had some more of that Trader Joe’s black bean soup:

And some Sun Chips:

I have been posting my lunch because I used to have smoothies almost every day and now it is too cold for that kind of thing, so I’ve been switching it up a little bit.  But, I am not going to do this on a regular basis.  Mostly because I am boring and I still eat the same thing a few times a week, but also because I’d rather not post every single thing.

Anyway.  Dinner was soba noodles with peanut sauce and broccoli, tofu, eggplant and mushrooms:

I threw some basil in there, too, because it was going to go bad if I didn’t use it for something.  It was an interesting little twist.

Now I’m going to sit back with a glass of wine and squeal over Pam and Jim’s love.

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It’s soup weather

Today I have been working at my desktop computer because my laptop power cord melted in a burst of sparks yesterday.  Well, not a burst, exactly, but at least one or two.  Enough to make me scream.  Doesn’t take much.

Has this happened to anyone else’s MacBook?  Because this is the second time it’s happened to me.  I have vital information saved on that thing, like work documents and email contacts and my calendar and approximately 447 pictures of chocolate chip Z bars, so I am saving the battery in case I need access to one of these things.  Apple is sending me a new cord but they ship via DHL and let’s just say I have my doubts.  The last time I was supposed to get something from DHL they left it on the sidewalk in front of my neighbor’s door during what could accurately be described as a small hurricane.

Anyway.  So I’m all set up in the bedroom at my little school desk and I feel like I should be writing English papers about Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales (I am linking to the SparkNotes, but they’re quite good.  Trust me on this one).  Instead, I’m writing to you.  About soup:

This is Trader Joe’s vegan black bean soup.  I ate the whole can, and I like to add some salsa and extra corn.  It’s by far the best canned soup I’ve ever had – it’s even better with a little plain yogurt mixed in, but I haven’t bought any since I jumped on the cottage cheese bandwagon.

Which, speaking of, I had for a snack with raisins but I ate it out of the container because there was only a little bit left and I couldn’t get a good picture since it was white cottage cheese on a white container.  It looked, well, white.

After that I was still hungry and so I had a mini bowl of dry cereal:

I don’t think I need to mention that my hand went into the cereal box a few times after this.

Now I’m going to go because I still have work to do and this post took me almost 45 minutes to write because I’m all disoriented and I keep trying to use Mac shortcuts and rubbing my finger on the keyboard thinking it’s a scroll pad.  Have a good weekend!

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Not so smart

I very intelligently decided to have a can of Trader Joe’s black bean soup for lunch today:

My Teen Degree did not appreciate this decision.

That book is Kim Lyons’ Your Body, Your Life.  You know, she’s the trainer from The Biggest Loser?  I’m not reading it.  But it is rather thick and serves as the perfect barrier between my thighs and my scalding hot laptop battery.  And now, soup.

Anyway, I also cut up this huge bowl of cucumbers:

But I am too full to eat them right now so I’m going to save them.  And, I had another bushel or whatever of grapes while my soup was heating up.

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Those buses are tricky

Last night for dinner I had a can of Trader Joe’s vegan black bean soup:

Of course, I then de-veganized it by adding cheese.  But I’m not a vegan, so that’s okay.  I also added some salsa, avocado and a little corn, but honestly, this is good soup.  I was impressed.  It was really filling, too.

Then we went out to meet a couple of friends at a bar in our neighborhood.  We did this despite the fact that it was raining because we are not smart people.  I had three beers, which apparently was enough because I forgot to push the button on the bus on the way home and we missed our stop.

When we got home, I ate some pineapple in an attempt to keep my hands out of the cereal box.  It worked.  Sorry, no picture, though.  The beer.

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