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Look at what Chris brought home from Pittsburgh:

An entire box of chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate peanut butter covered pretzels.  And it’s deep.  There are like fifty packages or something crazy.  I already had a pack and a half yesterday, and I’m thinking about another right now.  I think it’s safe to say that I am in mucho trouble.

Do you like my Spanish?  Just a little word I picked up on vacation.  I am quite good at the languages.  I took French for seven years and I can just about introduce myself before I start stuttering.  Oh!  And I know that oui means yes. I know this because in Mexico I kept saying oui instead of si.  See what I mean?  Awesome at languages.


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One of the best Seinfeld episodes ever.  On right now.  Why are you still reading this?

Anyway, lots of snacks today.  I was hungry.

Pear this morning:

I am usually skeptical of Trader Joe’s pears, but these are actually good.


Not frozen.  Let me ask you a question – red or green?  Chris says red.  I think I prefer green.  Are red really sweeter, or is he just making things up again?

Z bar:

Fairly self-explanatory, I’d say.

And then for dinner, I made this random eggplant/pasta/mozzarella concoction:

I’d post the recipe, but that’s about it.  Cut up an eggplant into chunks, saute in a little olive oil, mix with some pasta sauce, 4 ounces or so of cooked penne, and about three ounces of fresh mozzarella.  Bake for 15 minutes.   Voila!

Here’s my plate:

And now I’m having a few chocolate chips:

I also had a random meringue and two chocolate covered raisins.  I was trying to decide what I wanted.  I like to test things out and see how I feel about them.

Good night!

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I think I may have recreated my beloved Taco Bell bean burrito.  I used to eat those burritos all the time in high school.  And I do mean “burritos.”  As in plural.  Because I’d eat two.  With some chips and nacho cheese dip.  And a Choco-taco for dessert.

It was kind of awesome.  But, I can’t do that anymore, and even if I could, I guess I wouldn’t want to.  So I had to turn to the next best thing:  Trader Joe’s Refried Black Beans with Jalapenos.

I’d never had these before, but they are really good.  Especially with the enchilada sauce I had leftover from when I made shrimp enchiladas.

This is hardly a recipe, but here it is in case you want it:

1 can refried beans

1/2 cup enchilada sauce (or salsa)

3 large mushrooms

3 cups spinach

1 green pepper

1/2 cup corn

1/4 large onion

2 cloves garlic

2 scallions

1 bunch cilantro

1 small tomato


Cheddar cheese

salt, pepper


Add chopped onion to pan, followed by pepper, then mushrooms, then spinach, then corn.  Salt/pepper to taste.  Add chopped garlic to another pan and cook for a minute, then add refried beans and enchilada sauce.  Once heated, add tomatoes, half of the chopped scallions and half of the chopped cilantro.  Top tortillas with a scoop of bean mixture, some of the sauteed vegetables, lettuce, cheese, and more salsa or enchilada sauce.

Chris, who recently put the kibosh on my burrito making due to a long streak of black bean burritos once or sometimes even twice a week pre-blog, even liked these and said that he’d want to eat them again.  Score.

Anyway, earlier I spent some time with my new best friend cottage cheese:

I tend to go overboard in the raisin department.  I enjoy dried fruits, if you haven’t noticed.  Plus, if I put a lot of raisins on I can leave off the honey, and I figure raisins have a bit more nutritional value.

I also had a chunk of chocolate that I discovered in the fridge this morning:

I don’t know how this little guy slipped by me for so long, but no more.

And then after the burritos (I am not being very orderly today, sorry) I had some ice cream:

This is Breyer’s, by the way.  These little tiny bowls are perfect for ice cream.  I think they probably hold half a cup.  Of course, if you pile it over the top like I do, it’s more like a cup.  But still less than I can fit in a regular bowl.  Progress.

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I got this new kind of yogurt over the weekend:

They didn’t have the kind I usually get, which is just plain old nonfat yogurt.  I was expecting something exciting, what with the bold “thick and creamy” claim, but it’s actually much thinner than the regular kind and really, really sour.  I had to add raisins and extra honey:

For dinner I made this recipe from Food & Wine after seeing Jenny make a few of their recipes from this issue.  I used mahi mahi instead of swordfish and cut the dressing by 1/3.  I would have cut it more but I wanted some extra to go on the couscous and I used it for the asparagus, too:

Doesn’t it look kind of fancy?  Herbs will do that for you.  One time I made polenta with rosemary and I got a little over-excited with the greenery and Chris hasn’t eaten rosemary since. It was the first time I’d ever used rosemary, and let me tell you – that shit is stronger than it looks.

Now I’m eating some chocolate chips while I attempt to convince myself that I’m not too old to watch the new 90210 series.

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Tonight I didn’t really feel like cooking anything so Chris made his special red sauce:

With equally special whole wheat penne:

I know, he’s quite the chef.  You should see him whip up a veggie burger.  It’s outstanding.

After, I had some chocolate chips:

Apparently I didn’t get enough this afternoon, when I made my new favorite snack again:

Okay, gotta go.  Seinfeld is calling my name.  That poor hen.

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The forgotten fish

I used to make fish for dinner all the time, but for some reason we haven’t had it in ages.  I picked up some mahi mahi the other day and we had it tonight with broccoli and roasted potatoes:

I loooove roasted potatoes.  With ketchup, obviously.  I wish I hadn’t eaten so many tonight because I really love them as leftovers for breakfast.  Cold.  Again, with ketchup.

I just cook the fish with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper in a cast iron pan, like so:

Chris ate three of the pieces, I had one.  After, he briefly contemplated ordering a slice of pizza.  Boys.

I was planning to eat a couple pieces of chocolate after:

But I’m not really feeling it.  This is unheard of – I might be sick, actually.

We are going out of town tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll try to post before, but I probably won’t have time.  I tend to run late in situations like this.  Have a good weekend!

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Yikes, sorry!  Big day yesterday.  I was a little backed-up with work in the afternoon and then last night I got a new cell phone to replace the blackberry that Jack attempted to eat last week.  So I’ve been busy setting it up and trying to find a ring tone that doesn’t make me want to throw it across the room and playing no less than 45 games of Jawbreaker.

Anyway, food.  We’re here for food.  I meant to post this yesterday morning, but Monday night I had a Skinny Cow chocolate ice cream cone after the pizza:

Go ahead and times this by two because I had another one last night.  These things are pretty awesome.  Unfortunately, they only come four to a box, which is kind of sad.

Earlier yesterday afternoon, I finished up the cantaloupe:

And also had some chocolate:

Probably not the best snack, but whatever.  It’s what I wanted and I was in a hurry.

We had sandwiches for dinner because I was knee deep in instruction manuals and the only thing Chris really knows how to make is his “special red sauce.”  As in, jarred tomato sauce and pasta.  We don’t have any tomato sauce, which is quite limiting when it comes to this recipe.

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