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Give and take

I was hungry today!  I love days like this because it means I can eat more and I clearly really enjoy eating.

Anyway, this afternoon I had two of the peaches my mom gave me.  Here’s one:

These are the best peaches I’ve ever had.  Thank  you mom, you have changed my life.  Seriously.  They are so ripe.  It was heavenly, which is why I had two.

And then, because fruit just makes me hungrier, I had a cucumber, also courtesy of my mom, with some goat cheese:

The goat cheese was all mine.  We almost always have cheese.

For dinner I went to Spring Street Natural, one of my favorite restaurants, with Kate and Betsy.  I had lentil salad and a glass of red wine.  Inspired by their healthy eating habits, I got my salad dressing on the side, and I didn’t even need it.  I’m thinking there might be something to that little trick.

And then it must have been my lucky day because on the way home I randomly found this in my purse:

So I ate it.  You know, because I got the dressing on the side.


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Tonight for dinner I made a take on this goat cheese zucchini pasta by adding shrimp:

Much better with shrimp, I have to say.  I’m not sure what isn’t better with shrimp actually.  The last time I made it, it was a little too much with all the cheese, but the shrimp balanced it out a little better.  If you like goat cheese, you should definitely try this.  It’s like fettucini alfredo.  Except it won’t kill you, which kind of makes it better. I think it would be good with broccoli and sun dried tomatoes and the possibilities are endless, really.

Before dinner I accidentally had a handful of Sun Chips.  No photo, sorry.  I was going to go back and do a little reenactment, but I was scared I’d eat that handful, too.  Damn those chips.

I’ll probably have an ice cream sandwich in a few minutes.  As for the rest of the night, I’ll be working on keeping my fingers out of the jam.  I am pretty sure it cast some sort of weird spell over me.

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New pup in my life

This afternoon I took advantage of the goat cheese we have in the fridge and made myself some cheese, fig jam, and crackers for a snack:

This is my new favorite thing ever.

In other news, today marks the second time that someone has asked me if Jack is a dingo.  I don’t understand this.  People don’t have dingos.  They are wild animals, for God’s sake.  It’s like asking someone if their very fat cat is actually a tiger.

And yes, okay, maybe someone, somewhere does have a little pet dingo.  I know that people have been found with alligators and all kinds of other craziness in Manhattan, so it happens.  And I know that there is some kind of American dingo that is an actual pet.

But that’s not what they mean.  They think that Chris and I went to Australia and illegally imported a dingo because we were just completely unsatisfied with the forty gazillion kinds of dogs you can get legally right here.  And then, we brought it to Brooklyn and tamed it.

Trust me, it was hard enough getting to the shelter on Long Island and back without a car.  Also, Jack is plenty wild, thanks.  I have no need for an actual wild animal in my life.

But to be honest, I didn’t even know much about dingos, so I did a little googling before I wrote this post and found this:

And now I’m thinking I might need one of these things.  How cute is he?  He’s already replaced Jack as my new desktop picture.


A NOTE:  One of two things is happening with this blog.  Either I am cracking up (possible) or WordPress is stupid.  This is why I say I ate one thing, but you are seeing something else.  For some reason, the pictures are getting switched after I hit publish.  I asked support yesterday and they said it is a “caching problem.”  I don’t know what this means.  If anyone understands where I might find my “cache” and why it is broken, I would appreciate some insight.  Thanks!

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I am seriously on top of things today.  Somehow I got to the gym 15 minutes early, which means I left early, finished walking Jack early, and had some extra time before I started on work.   I used it to switch up my breakfast a little. I also photographed it to prove that I do, in fact, eat this important meal.

But that’s not even the best part.  The best part is that we have goat cheese.  I love goat cheese.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since I bought it on Saturday.  I’m planning on using it for a zucchini/pasta thing, but I haven’t had time to make it.  So this morning, I made a goat cheese omelet with mushrooms and onions.

Here is my omelet cooking:

Here is my omelet on my plate:

Lost a couple of mushrooms during the transition.  I am actually a terrible omelet maker.

And while we’re on the subject of breakfast, you should read this package about it in New York Magazine.  Especially the “What I Ate This Morning” poll.  My favorite is the woman who had an organic café au lait, an organic banana, a glass of Bud Lite, and a multivitamin.

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