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All in one

Sorry for the late post, but:

I figured I’d spare you an entire post about peaches again.  I know, I’m too good to you.  No need to thank me.  Lucky for you, my peach supply has run dry (Mom! Help!) and so I’ll have to be more creative tomorrow.  And by creative, I mean eat a cucumber, because that’s the only thing we have.

For dinner, I used the remaining zucchini and yellow squash, canned tomatoes, and some pasta to make a little something that looked like this:

We had some of those amazing breadcrumbs leftover, so I added them on top to jazz it up a little.  And now I’m drinking some wine:

As you can see, there is a marathon of The Next Food Network Star on, which, in my opinion, calls for a celebration.

UPDATE:  Chris just called me man-hands because of the peach picture.  I would like to point out that my hands are, in fact, quite feminine and dainty.  Some might even say graceful.


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Kind of like fast food

…except it took me about 45 minutes to make.  I’m slow.  I also get flustered easily and tend to lose potholders and then find them ten minutes later on the bed or in the oven.

But the point here is chickpea cutlets with baked french fries:

I didn’t eat the bun, which was really a whole wheat English muffin, but I did have another half of a cutlet.  I made the fries based on a recipe I found in this lovely magazine, which turned out to be not so random after all.  Apparently my brother got it for me for my birthday.

I am a bad sister.

Anyway.  They had olive oil, salt, paprika, garlic powder, parsley and parmesan cheese, which is the secret ingredient I think.  It made them all crispy and brown and just all around tasty.  I bet it would be good with sweet potatoes, too, but we have about 42 pounds of these white guys so you will be seeing them again in many different shapes and sizes.

This meal was so classy, I just had to have a glass of wine:

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No surprise here:

I had seven, because I had three earlier and that makes ten, which sounded like a nice, round number to me.

For dinner I made this zucchini and goat cheese pasta:

I was a little nervous because the recipe called for more salt than I’ve ever used in my life, and also because I cut the amount in half and it hardly looked like anything when I got done, but it was pretty filling because of the cheese.   If I made it again, I’d add more vegetables and some shrimp or something, but all in all it was really, really good.  Goat cheese, though.  I mean, how can you go wrong?

And now I am enjoying some wine because it’s Thursday:

That’s all for tonight, unless I can convince Chris to run after the Mister Softee truck next time it goes by.  Highly unlikely.

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This was good.

So you marinate about eight ounces of shrimp like so.  I used my food processor to make the marinade because I’m fancy like that and also I like making more dishes for Chris to wash.

Then, in a large bowl, mix together:

2 cans of black beans, rinsed

1 can of corn, drained

1 bell pepper

3 scallions

1/2 of a red onion

1 medium tomato


In a separate bowl, for the dressing:

1/3 cup vegetable stock (approximately)

juice and zest from one lime

1 T honey

2 cloves garlic

1 t cumin

1 t paprika

1 t chili powder

Hot sauce to taste

salt and pepper

Add the dressing to the black bean mixture and mix.  In a pan, cook shrimp with the marinade until pink and cooked through, then add shrimp and cooked marinade to black beans and toss together.  Makes about four servings, give or take a little.

I also had this glass of wine with it:

But I only drank about half because Mexican food + wine = heartburn.  If you’re me.  I’m kind of like a fat old guy.

I also had a bunch of this cantaloupe this afternoon as a snack.  And by a bunch, I mean almost all of it:

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I love The Office.

Best. Show. Ever.  Jim and Pam make my heart flutter.

Anyway.  Tonight’s dinner was so good, I was compelled to proclaim to Chris that I was “becoming quite the gourmet.”

Unfortunately, I really shouldn’t take the credit.  Don’t get me wrong – I still will – but I actually followed this recipe from Eating Well almost exactly, cutting it down a little (I’m not sure I cut it in half because I don’t weigh things, but I definitely used less fish, less potatoes and only a tablespoon of olive oil).

It was really tasty.  Oh, and those fancy purple potatoes?  All my idea.  Spinach too.  Gourmet, I tell you.

Now I’m drinking a glass of wine, which I would show you, but I took the picture sideways and I can’t get the damn photo to flip around for some reason and I might, might, flip out if I keep trying.

Also, just a little taste of what I deal with on a day to day basis:

Please ignore my blue sweatpants, or what I like to call my “everyday pants.”  I have a sneaking suspicion that my neighbors all call them that, too.

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I am completely exhausted from uploading these. I don’t even think I need to go to the gym tomorrow.

So I had a meeting with someone at two today and I needed to eat first, obviously, so I went to Whole Foods and got sushi and seaweed salad. Blackberry pictures, sorry, but here you go:



I know, the seaweed salad looks totally gross, but it tasted good. That’s a vegetable roll.

And then afterwards, I had some time to kill so I was walking around the mall, which sounds fun but it’s really not because in this particular mall, the shops only appeal to rich people who have lots of money. Which I do not, despite what I may have said yesterday. I lied to you.

Anyway, my thoughts wandered, as they often do, to chocolate, and what do you know – I happened to be standing in front of Godiva. So I went in to buy a little piece, and discovered what may be the best thing that’s ever happened to me:


These are going to change my life. I’m not even exaggerating. Check them out:


Little balls of chocolate. And I can eat eight of them for only 25 calories and they taste really good and I am in heaven, basically.

I had eight. Give or take a few.

As for the rest of the afternoon? Well, don’t laugh at me, but I went on a little bit of a raisin binger. How weird is that? I don’t know what it is with me and dried fruit, but I have problems. I needed a snack at like five but it was so late that I didn’t want to eat too much. So I had this handful:


Closely followed by this handful:


Which was closely followed by a total loss of control and the rest of the container:


And then I was too full for dinner, of course, so I had two bites of spinach and one bite of fish, and now I’m drinking this wine:


Yes, I realize that I had grapes for dinner, in both liquid and dried form. I will be more balanced tomorrow.

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I’m a little behind, sorry.  I don’t celebrate Easter but I had a bunch of stuff to get done today, most of which involved walking.  My toes are sore.  And would you believe this?  Target was closed today.  I mean, seriously.  Totally ridiculous.  We walked all the way to this fake “mall” that basically consists of Target, a DSW, and a Chuck-E-Cheese, and everything was closed.  Even McDonald’s.  It was like the twilight zone.

Anyway, back to last night.  I made falafel with the Fantastic Foods mix because I don’t have a food processor so I can’t make it from scratch (although I’m open to ideas if anyone has overcome this obstacle).  I’ve never used this mix before, and Chris had never had falafel before (I know!), but it turned out pretty well.  I baked it, but it would be much better fried, I’m sure.  Next time I might have to try a little olive oil action.  Here’s the set up:


I made a random sauce with yogurt, tahini, cayanne pepper, some dry herbs, and milk, and it turned out okay.  That stuff at the bottom is broccoli.   We have tons of leftovers so I’m sure I’ll be having this for lunch next week.  I already had it today.

After, I had a Skinny Cow:


And back to today – we planned to do our laundry, then got lazy (per usual) and decided to drop it off instead.  We then went on several long, wondrous walks with our brand new puppy who doesn’t pull on the leash until your hand bleeds.  And then we went on the Target excursion, which turned into a Bed Bath & Beyond excursion, and bought all new silverware and glasses for no good reason except that Chris hates our mini forks and I was sick of hearing him bitch.

After an afternoon of shopping, I was starving and had a bunch of raisins (some of them may have been chocolate-covered), an apple, a few pretzels, and peanut butter:


That looks like an entire jar of peanut butter, I know, but it was a new jar and a little runny.  It’s really only like a tablespoon.  Or two.  Probably two.

And then we had dinner, which was good old go-to pasta:


I made WAY too much pasta because the Bed Bath & Beyond haul also included measuring cups and apparently we have been eating well under the serving size of pasta.  My measuring instrument of old (i.e. my hand) clearly does not hold 3/4 of a cup.

And now I’m having a little wine, because it is, after all, a holiday.


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