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I got busy with work toward the end of the day, so I figured I’d just post this afternoon and tonight all at once…

For lunch I tried one of those roll-up wraps again.  I don’t get why they are better than round ones?  Can someone explain this to me?  Because I lost half of my vegetables out the end.  You can’t fold it in at the bottom like you can with a round wrap.

Anyway, I also stuffed it way too full, and I could hardly close it.  I like them other than the stupid shape, though – they’re thicker than regular wraps and they taste more substantial.  Or that could be in my head.  Either way, they’re pretty good and also quite healthy. I used hummus, lettuce, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms and feta cheese in this bad boy:

As you can see, it turned into a huge mess and I ate it mostly with a fork.

With it I had some yogurt with flax and brown sugar:

And a kiwi:

I also had a few grapes, but I guess I didn’t take a picture.  Thought I did, sorry.

And then for a snack I had the other half of my toffee Clif bar and some broccoli:

Not together.  I was still hungry after the bar so I made the broccoli.  With some parmesan cheese.  It might be my favorite thing that’s not a dessert.

And speaking of dessert, I’m now eating some chocolate chips:

Sorry this is short, but I’m tired!


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