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Remember those things you used to write on notes to your friends, before you folded the note very intricately so it couldn’t possibly come undone?  For instance, my favorite was Boys Before Books but sometimes I’d write Sorry So Sloppy too if  my handwriting was particularly messy that day.

My point with this is that I was trying to think of one of these for my title because I am late today, but what you see is all I could come up with.  I guess when you’re folding notes and making up acronyms about boys, punctuality isn’t really an issue.

I had a lot to do this morning but figured I should take a break for lunch when my stomach growled so loudly that Jack barked at it.  I’m serious.  So I made the other serving of those Gardenburger riblets and some broccoli:



Also, this morning I had the standard cup of coffee:

And last night after I posted I had a handful of Chris’s chocolate covered raisins.  More raisins, I know.  It’s insane.



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Finally went grocery shopping. We got all kinds of vegetables, some fish, frozen shrimp, tofu, etc. All the regular stuff. So what did I make for dinner? French toast.


Usually Chris vetoes my breakfast for dinner suggestions, but I threatened him with pasta, which I knew he probably ate for three days straight when I was out of town. Plus I threw in roasted potatoes, which are kind of like hash browns.

That weird looking patty thing is Smart Deli soy sausage, the kind that comes in the tube and you have to form yourself. It’s a little freaky because it really looks like meat and it sticks all over your hands and I don’t like that.

And then of course you need dessert after French toast so I had a Skinny Cow bar:


Ridiculous, I know.

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