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The forgotten fish

I used to make fish for dinner all the time, but for some reason we haven’t had it in ages.  I picked up some mahi mahi the other day and we had it tonight with broccoli and roasted potatoes:

I loooove roasted potatoes.  With ketchup, obviously.  I wish I hadn’t eaten so many tonight because I really love them as leftovers for breakfast.  Cold.  Again, with ketchup.

I just cook the fish with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper in a cast iron pan, like so:

Chris ate three of the pieces, I had one.  After, he briefly contemplated ordering a slice of pizza.  Boys.

I was planning to eat a couple pieces of chocolate after:

But I’m not really feeling it.  This is unheard of – I might be sick, actually.

We are going out of town tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll try to post before, but I probably won’t have time.  I tend to run late in situations like this.  Have a good weekend!


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I got busy with work toward the end of the day, so I figured I’d just post this afternoon and tonight all at once…

For lunch I tried one of those roll-up wraps again.  I don’t get why they are better than round ones?  Can someone explain this to me?  Because I lost half of my vegetables out the end.  You can’t fold it in at the bottom like you can with a round wrap.

Anyway, I also stuffed it way too full, and I could hardly close it.  I like them other than the stupid shape, though – they’re thicker than regular wraps and they taste more substantial.  Or that could be in my head.  Either way, they’re pretty good and also quite healthy. I used hummus, lettuce, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms and feta cheese in this bad boy:

As you can see, it turned into a huge mess and I ate it mostly with a fork.

With it I had some yogurt with flax and brown sugar:

And a kiwi:

I also had a few grapes, but I guess I didn’t take a picture.  Thought I did, sorry.

And then for a snack I had the other half of my toffee Clif bar and some broccoli:

Not together.  I was still hungry after the bar so I made the broccoli.  With some parmesan cheese.  It might be my favorite thing that’s not a dessert.

And speaking of dessert, I’m now eating some chocolate chips:

Sorry this is short, but I’m tired!

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Remember those things you used to write on notes to your friends, before you folded the note very intricately so it couldn’t possibly come undone?  For instance, my favorite was Boys Before Books but sometimes I’d write Sorry So Sloppy too if  my handwriting was particularly messy that day.

My point with this is that I was trying to think of one of these for my title because I am late today, but what you see is all I could come up with.  I guess when you’re folding notes and making up acronyms about boys, punctuality isn’t really an issue.

I had a lot to do this morning but figured I should take a break for lunch when my stomach growled so loudly that Jack barked at it.  I’m serious.  So I made the other serving of those Gardenburger riblets and some broccoli:



Also, this morning I had the standard cup of coffee:

And last night after I posted I had a handful of Chris’s chocolate covered raisins.  More raisins, I know.  It’s insane.


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I am so tired!  I really don’t mind having guests, but they are exhausting.  It means even more walking than normal (and we walk a lot on the regular), and constant entertaining.  My feet are actually sore.

Anyway, if I learned one thing this weekend, it’s that peanut butter rice crispy treats are the most amazing thing ever invented.  Yes, it’s true.  Forget about the phone, Internet, cars, all that nonsense.  They are nothing compared to these rice crispy treats that Chris’s mom made:


She melts peanut butter together with a bag of butterscotch chips and then mixes it with the rice crispies and chills it. So simple, yet so good.  I don’t even like butterscotch, but I could eat these all day.  Actually,  yesterday I basically did.  It was a huge eating disaster, but well worth it.

For breakfast, I made pancakes with Trader Joe’s multi-grain mix, which is really easy to use and much better than the gross white mixes with all the scary and weird ingredients.  I had three with maple syrup and butter – sorry, no picture.  They looked like pancakes, though.  Use your imagination.

Then we went walking around Chinatown, where Chris and I almost lost our minds because it is probably the worst place in the entire city and I really hate it.  It’s packed to the max with tourists trying to score fake Rolex watches and Prada bags so they can try and fool people into thinking they are rich.  Super annoying, but they wanted to go and we were trying to be good hosts.  After battling the crowd for like an hour, we walked up to SoHo and went to one of my favorite restaurants for lunch, Spring Street Natural.  As you can see, they have tons of super healthy options, so of course I went with fries.  In my defense, they came with a Tempeh burger, which tasted and probably was extremely healthy and good for me.  I didn’t take a picture of this, either, but here’s one of a chicken sandwich that I lifted from their website:


My meal looked just like that, minus the chicken.  And the flowers, actually.  I wonder where our flowers were.

Anyway, then we walked back through Chinatown because we wanted to torture ourselves some more, I guess, and came back to the apartment to hang out for a while and have dinner.  Chris’s mom made us spaghetti and garlic bread, and it was really good.  I had two pieces of garlic bread.  I haven’t had garlic bread in ages.  I forgot how good it is…all crusty on the outside and soft and buttery on the inside.  Oh man.

In between lunch and dinner we watched a movie (The Wicker Man…possibly the worst movie ever made. Nicolas Cage plays…what else?  A cop.  Surprise.  I hate him.) and I had some pretzels:


Then we took Chris’s brother out to a bar for a while.  I drank lots of beer and had a shot of Patron, all of which led to a grilled cheese with Sun Chips at the end of the night.  Oops.

Today, however, is looking better.  I did start the day with a whole wheat bagel with scallion cream cheese, but you have to take visitors to get bagels.  It’s basically impossible not to – when people are in New York, they want a bagel.  Then we dropped them off at the train, went grocery shopping, and I had toad in a hole and broccoli for lunch:


Kind of a weird combination, but I wanted to use up the broccoli because it was about to go bad.  I also had a chocolate covered pretzel rod after:


Did I mention these? Chris’s mom brought us the best chocolate covered pretzels in the world.  I know I’ve talked about Sarris Candies before.  Check out our stash:


Because the rice crispy treats won’t make us fat enough, I guess.

Okay, I’m going to hang out on the couch for a while because I’m baby-sitting for a friend’s little boy tonight and I’m sure that will require a lot of energy that I just don’t have at the moment.  I need to rest up.  Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

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Wine Thursday


Barring any extenuating circumstances (such as the flu), if it’s Thursday, we’re drinking.  Tonight we were also cleaning, and battled the apartment in a record-breaking 40 minutes, which means even more time for wine.

I was feeling ambitious and made crab cakes for dinner.  Actually, I used to make these all the time, but Trader Joe’s has some really gross canned crab meat, so we haven’t had them in a while.  I remembered to pick up the good stuff at the regular grocery store this weekend, though.  I usually add some corn to them, mostly because I’m too cheap to buy enough crab.  Plus I like the corn, it makes them kind of sweet.  Here they are cooking:


I’ll post the recipe under that section. I made roasted potatoes and broccoli with them this time:


I ate nearly all of that, but there are some potatoes left over and I cannot wait to eat them cold with ketchup tomorrow.  I might have them for breakfast.

Earlier today, I had a couple of snacks.

A pear:


A fig:


This is the mother of all figs.  Huge.

And these little pieces of broccoli were too small to go in the oven but too cute to throw away, so I dipped them in a little hummus:


Alright, gonna relax and drink my wine.  Have a good night!  Tomorrow I have a meeting from 11 – 2 so I probably won’t get to post until the afternoon.

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That’s what I had for a snack this afternoon. Pure fiber.  No, it isn’t, but it might as well have been.  I had hummus (aka beans), broccoli, cucumber, and a pear:



I’m a little nervous, because for dinner we’re having stir fry with more broccoli, bok choy, tofu, and brown rice.  I’m not sure if my stomach can handle it!  I’m going to try to make up a new sauce recipe…if it turns out good, I’ll post it!

Thanks for the camera tips!  Now I just have to learn how to take a decent picture…

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