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Thanks for all the nice comments today!

I was starting to write this post when I noticed something rather remarkable.  As you know, we went out of town this weekend, which means standard weekend activities like laundry, grocery shopping, and sitting on the couch had to be postponed.  Thus, I am currently wearing what I like to call my Olympics shorts:

Except now it’s totally fine – even, dare I say, trendy – because the Olympics are, in case you live under a rock, going on RIGHT NOW and everyone is very excited.  As am I.  Some of those male swimmers are pretty hot.

So today I proudly wore my trendy blue Olympics shorts while walking Jack around my neighborhood.  A couple people looked at me funny, but I’m sure they were just marveling at how patriotic I am.



Anyway.  Aside from not having to do laundry and other annoying errands, another benefit of going to visit my parents is the food.  Check out these vegetables:

And you already saw the peaches, which I had as part of my afternoon snack:

Along with some of this unbelievable tomato:

Seriously.  Unbelievable.


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