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I’m sorry.

I am giving up the blog.  It’s kind of sad, and I really enjoyed writing it, for a while, but I just don’t have time for it anymore and I think that’s clear to us all.  It’s become a chore, and I don’t want it to be that way.  I spent the last few weeks not photographing food, and I have to tell you, it felt pretty fabulous.

So thanks for reading for all of this time, I really appreciate it.  It’s been fun, and I met many awesome people, which was by far the best part.  Maybe I’ll pick it back up again one day, but for now, I think I’d rather just let it go.


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A snack!

Can you even believe it?  I bet you can’t.  I haven’t posted a snack in AGES.  I still eat them, though.  Although interestingly enough, perhaps not as often.   I think I ate more when I felt the pressure to post my snack every day.

Anyway.  Grapefruit:


The grocery store was out of grapes, my fruit of choice.  I do like grapefruit, although now I’m thinking I should have had hot chocolate or something because it is snowing like crazy here.  Luckily, there is still time.

Also, I am going here tonight.  Way excited, obviously.  Do you think I could order the fudge brownie soft serve with pretzel crunch and a peice of the carrot cake?  Or would that be too much?  Because I’d also like to get the brown butter cinnamon bun with cheesecake filling, but something tells me I might walk out of there with a stomach ache if I do.

I think it would be worth it.

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Okay, not really.  But I do have a little problem in that my friend at work just introduced me to the Milky Way flavor for the Flavia machine.


Let me tell you something.  These things smell just like cake batter.  I love the smell of cake batter.  Especially in the morning.  It nearly beats Starbucks, except it doesn’t make nearly enough and then I have to keep refilling my cup and that is a lot more sugar than I really need at 9am. In other words, I am typing really, really fast right now.

Anyway.  I haven’t really mentioned any wedding planning on here, mostly because there hasn’t been much wedding planning.  However, we did book a location, which is not a church, and therefore had to find someone to marry us.  Well, I did a little research and discovered that you can get ordained online.  So, Chris and I asked our good friend to do that, and when he said yes (quite joyfully, I might add), I sent his name and address – that’s all – off to the Universal Life Church.  Instantly, I received an email with his printable credentials.

Seriously.  That’s all it takes?  He can now perform baptisms, weddings, and even start his own ministry if he so desires.  Just like that.  Does anyone else think that’s a little weird?  I mean, I’m not religious, obviously, so I’m fine with it, but I just wonder who the hell else is out there starting ministries from their couch with a beer in one hand (if he was going to do it, which I’m relatively sure he’s not, this is how I imagine it would happen).

Whatever.  I guess it’s fine.  I mean, I double checked that we’d be legit and all that.  But I’m tempted to buy him the Ministry-in-a-Box or the Minister’s Car Kit just in case.

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I was going to post an awesome brownie recipe that you could also find on the back of the Baker’s chocolate box but I am running out of time!  I still have to pack, drink wine (I am on vacation, after all), figure out how to set my out of office reply for my email, and get some sleep before my 6:40am flight.  So, I’m sorry, but I am leaving you with absolutely nothing.  Don’t desert me, though.  I’ll be back on the 25th with pictures, I promise!

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Tonight for dinner I made a peanut butter & jelly sandwich:

The recipe:

HA!  Just kidding.

I was planning to cook something, more than likely involving one of the three bags of spinach we have in our fridge because I go overboard at grocery stores, but I am going to go drink with a friend in need instead.

Back tomorrow, promise.

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Beautiful day

The city is a complete mess right now.  It’s been pouring all day, and it’s supposed to continue through Sunday.  I’ve already witnessed a few casualties, like mangled umbrellas on the sidewalks and a leaky gym roof that caused a constant stream of water next to my treadmill and a woman on the bus who had a plastic Super Associated bag tied on her head.

Which, actually, was really smart, because I was not looking cute when I went into work this morning.  It was a ponytail day for sure.  It’s rather windy out there, too, so it looked a lot like this.

Anyway, I got home later than usual and I haven’t been doing much organized snacking.  I had some peanut butter out of the jar:

And some grapes:

I actually stuck these in the freezer to chill them a little and forgot about them for about an hour, so I accidentally had frozen grapes.  I have heard people say that frozen grapes taste like ice cream, and I’m here to tell you that those people are delusional.  But they were okay.

And…now it’s the weekend!  Almost.

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We went to WV for the weekend, because one of my friends was having a baby shower.  We have wised up on the whole traveling with a dog thing and so Chris picked up our dinner before we left the city to minimize the number of stops.  He went to Guy and Gallard and got me a grilled vegetable wrap:

It wasn’t quite as Holy as it appears in this picture.  A little too much olive oil.

I also had a Z Bar before I ate this because I thought I’d have to wait a lot longer to eat. Unfortunately, we hit a ton of tunnel traffic, which is why I was able to eat and drive at the same time.  Under normal circumstances, I can barely handle the driving.

When we finally got to my mom’s around 11, I set to work on this:

Can I tell you about the combination of Nutella and pretzels?  Because it just might be the best thing I’ve ever had.  And, not that Nutella is necessarily good for you, but they did stop using trans fat in it, which is a bit of a plus.

Saturday, my mom made French toast:

I’m not really a fan of it for sandwiches and stuff, but Ezekiel bread makes the best French toast ever. It’s so chewy.

It poured all day on Saturday, which kind of sucked because we wanted to take Jack swimming before the baby shower, but instead Chris had to stand in the rain and throw sticks for him for an hour.  I watched from the porch and shouted words of encouragement.  I think it was appreciated.

Then my mom made this awesome vegetable thing for lunch.  I’m not sure how to describe it but it had squash, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and that is goat cheese on top:

The baby shower food was mostly pork-related so Chris and I left midway and went to Subway for some veggie delites.  I had some cole slaw at the shower, though, and part of a piece of cake, and some chips. No pictures, sorry.

Then we went out and did some drinking which lead to this:

I am eating these in the backseat of a car in the Sheetz parking lot.  I don’t think I need to say any more about this.

Moving on.  I was not in my best form today, but I managed to polish off a nice pancake breakfast and score all of these vegetables before we left:

And the biggest canteloupe I’ve ever seen:

This is from my dad’s garden.  I am not even sure that I could eat this guy in one day, but we shall see I guess.

I also had part of another veggie delite in the car, but it was gross so I tossed it.

And then, a miracle occurred.  After we got home, I somehow managed to convince Chris – on the first Sunday of football season, no less – that we should take our rental car to the Fairway in Red Hook.  I’ve heard much about this magical place, but I’ve never been there, and let me tell you something – it was like Christmas.  Not only is the place the size of a department store, with every kind of food I could ever imagine, but there was a parking lot!  With carts!  Look at Chris in the parking lot:

Do you see that stuff around him?  That is space!

And look at this – we put our bags in the trunk of our car!

It was crazy.   Also, I feel the need to point out that we do usually bring reusable bags, but they were kind of forgotten in all the excitement.  Well, my excitement and Chris’s dread.

Here is everything we bought:

Some highlights:  Fresh whole wheat gnocchi, shrimp, tabbouli, whipped cottage cheese, soy sausage patties, garlic paste, tofu potstickers, peanut butter cup ice cream (!), red quinoa, and, um, organic ice cream cones.

Things got a little wild there toward the end.

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