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Sorry for the lack of posting, I was rushed in the afternoon.   Let’s try to back track.

So yesterday afternoon, I had this bowl of cucumbers and tomatoes:

And a bunch of grapes, which I didn’t photograph.  Then for dinner, Chris and I went to Chipotle and I got a burrito bowl:

Then we went to happy hour for a drink, and I had a beer at the concert:

Bad pictures, I know.  I didn’t have time to get batteries for the camera until this morning.

I also succumbed to grilled cheese and Sun Chips when we got home.  I am about 50 – 50 on this.  Sometimes I can resist, sometimes I can’t.  Last night, I definitely could not.  But you know, I did a lot of dancing and some pretty vigorous arm waving at the concert.  Exercise makes me hungry.


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