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The gouda is out to get me

I could not have screwed my dinner up more if I possibly tried. First, I was trying to make a quesadilla. So I grate some cheddar on a tortilla, throw a little gouda on there for kicks, sprinkle on some cumin, chili powder, etc. and toss it in a pan. Then I start cutting up half of an avocado and a couple tomatoes. At this point, I’m getting really excited for my little private fiesta. My quesadilla starts melting, and for once I do not burn it, nor do I set the smoke detector off. And then, I take it out of the pan, and yellow juice, FAT, drips everywhere.

I don’t understand. Can you not melt gouda or something? Because my cheddar was white, so clearly the gouda was the culprit here (also, I’m not totally inept – I’ve made quesadillas with cheddar like five million times). Someone help me out.

Round two: I already had the cut up avocado and tomato, if you remember, so I thought I’d just mix it with a little lime juice, some black beans, maybe some corn, and make a black bean salad-type thing. So I get out the can of black beans, open it up – and it’s soup. I opened up the wrong can. Damn.

Round three: Well, I had to eat the soup, of course. I can’t waste two meals. And it was not too bad, really, just not what I was going for. But at least it was black bean soup, and I added some corn and some salsa and ate the avocado and tomatoes, too.

Sorry, the only thing I photographed was the soup. Things were happening so fast – it was a whirlwind, really.

Earlier this afternoon, I had some plain yogurt, flax and raisins:

I will probably have some grapes later. Maybe ice cream. No, grapes. I will try my hardest to have grapes.


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After waiting around all day, my case finally got settled and we were dismissed, which means I won’t get called again for about eight years. Thank god.

Ironically enough, when I got home there was a summons in the mail for Chris. Ha.

I had a random day of eating. Started with a cup of tea, which I actually didn’t end up drinking:


Then I found a Hale & Hearty near the courthouse, which was exciting. I love their soup. I had a salad and some lentil chili:


And then a Kashi bar for a snack this afternoon:


This kind is pretty good, but not quite at the level of the chocolate pretzel.

Oh, and this morning I was hungry before the gym so I grabbed some pretzels on my way out the door:


This morning at the gym I officially verified that I am the worst music person ever. I am just not good at it – I can never remember who sings what, I always sing the wrong words, I can’t recognize songs. I have an iPod, but it hasn’t been updated in years. My play list is ridiculous and includes a Lou Bega song. Once, my friend asked me if I liked the Postal Service, and I was like, you know, they get the job done. As long as I’m getting my mail, I’m fine with it. I had no idea that she was talking about a band (are they a band? A group? Is there a difference?).

Anyway, today I worked out for the entire time (like, 45 minutes) with my ear buds in, iPod clipped on my pants, and no music playing. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t turned it on until I was leaving the gym.

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