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A snack!

Can you even believe it?  I bet you can’t.  I haven’t posted a snack in AGES.  I still eat them, though.  Although interestingly enough, perhaps not as often.   I think I ate more when I felt the pressure to post my snack every day.

Anyway.  Grapefruit:


The grocery store was out of grapes, my fruit of choice.  I do like grapefruit, although now I’m thinking I should have had hot chocolate or something because it is snowing like crazy here.  Luckily, there is still time.

Also, I am going here tonight.  Way excited, obviously.  Do you think I could order the fudge brownie soft serve with pretzel crunch and a peice of the carrot cake?  Or would that be too much?  Because I’d also like to get the brown butter cinnamon bun with cheesecake filling, but something tells me I might walk out of there with a stomach ache if I do.

I think it would be worth it.


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