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I’m a little behind, sorry.  I don’t celebrate Easter but I had a bunch of stuff to get done today, most of which involved walking.  My toes are sore.  And would you believe this?  Target was closed today.  I mean, seriously.  Totally ridiculous.  We walked all the way to this fake “mall” that basically consists of Target, a DSW, and a Chuck-E-Cheese, and everything was closed.  Even McDonald’s.  It was like the twilight zone.

Anyway, back to last night.  I made falafel with the Fantastic Foods mix because I don’t have a food processor so I can’t make it from scratch (although I’m open to ideas if anyone has overcome this obstacle).  I’ve never used this mix before, and Chris had never had falafel before (I know!), but it turned out pretty well.  I baked it, but it would be much better fried, I’m sure.  Next time I might have to try a little olive oil action.  Here’s the set up:


I made a random sauce with yogurt, tahini, cayanne pepper, some dry herbs, and milk, and it turned out okay.  That stuff at the bottom is broccoli.   We have tons of leftovers so I’m sure I’ll be having this for lunch next week.  I already had it today.

After, I had a Skinny Cow:


And back to today – we planned to do our laundry, then got lazy (per usual) and decided to drop it off instead.  We then went on several long, wondrous walks with our brand new puppy who doesn’t pull on the leash until your hand bleeds.  And then we went on the Target excursion, which turned into a Bed Bath & Beyond excursion, and bought all new silverware and glasses for no good reason except that Chris hates our mini forks and I was sick of hearing him bitch.

After an afternoon of shopping, I was starving and had a bunch of raisins (some of them may have been chocolate-covered), an apple, a few pretzels, and peanut butter:


That looks like an entire jar of peanut butter, I know, but it was a new jar and a little runny.  It’s really only like a tablespoon.  Or two.  Probably two.

And then we had dinner, which was good old go-to pasta:


I made WAY too much pasta because the Bed Bath & Beyond haul also included measuring cups and apparently we have been eating well under the serving size of pasta.  My measuring instrument of old (i.e. my hand) clearly does not hold 3/4 of a cup.

And now I’m having a little wine, because it is, after all, a holiday.


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I got a tall mocha light frappuccino from Starbucks this afternoon:


Afterwards, I decided that it would sound good to say that I got this in celebration of the first day of Spring.  But I really got it because I wanted a chocolate milkshake and this is at least a little bit healthier.  At least I didn’t get one of these:


I always wonder about these people, or those guys who sell the churros.  I mean, did she make this cotton candy in her apartment?  Does she have a cotton candy machine?   Is she going to sue me for posting her picture online?  Probably not, I don’t have nearly enough readers.  Or enough money, for that matter.

Luckily I don’t like spun sugar and don’t eat things that were made in strangers’ living rooms, so I was not tempted by this at all.  Instead, I came home and had an apple with peanut butter:


As you can see, Jack was intrigued.  He hasn’t gotten any food off either of our plates in his life, but for some reason he still holds out hope that it might be his lucky day.

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This afternoon I got hungry again so I had an apple with a little peanut butter spread over it:


It looks like caramel, right? Made me want some.

And chocolate chips after dinner:


Okay, gotta go – the gauntlet is on. Anyone else watch that show?? So much drama, I love it. But Jack would rather read his Self magazine:


He wishes he had Kelly Ripa’s body.

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